September 26, 2005

The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling

Please, please, please, if I hear one more global warming comment regarding hurricanes Rita and Katrina, I swear, my head will burst and spin around and spew bile and say mean things about your mother. I’m so sick and tired of this drivel. Yes, the earth is getting warmer. So, the *uck what? It was REALLY warm millions of years ago, without the help of us evil humans. And it’ll probably get REALLY cold again, too. When are the liberals going to realize that we are A PART OF THE ECOSYSTEM!!! Yes, we have to be smart within reason, and not “piss in our yard” but let’s not go over the deep end (Kyoto) about it all.

Regarding the hurricanes, I’ve got one image for you, courtesy of the USA Today.

History of Category 3, 4 and 5 Hurricanes.

Now, please, fhut the suck up already, Ms. Streisand.


September 19, 2005

My Politics

Interesting political test over at Here is where I landed. Pretty accurate I think. I wouldn’t have classified myself as a social liberal, but anyway, here it is:

You are a

Social Liberal
(60% permissive)

and an…

Economic Conservative
(88% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid

Rent an EvDO Laptop Card

I recently purchased an EvDO card for my laptop so I can have high speed internet access while I’m travelling. (Here’s the Verizon site for EvDO.) I used it for the first time at a gift show in Seattle last month. It was FREAKING amazing! I got so much work done during that show, it turned out to be a non issue that I was gone from my business during the 5 days of the show. The show management company was selling high speed internet access for $500. Yes, that’s a 5 with two zeros behind it. I laughed myself silly when I saw that.

So, being the entrepreneur that I am, I decided to make some money with my card while I’m not using it. (Or at least pay for the service fee each month!) I’ve built a website that links to an ebay auction for the rental of the card. You can see the site here.

It remains to be seen whether this will actually work. I guess we’ll see in a few days. :-)

Update here.

Segway Rental Business

Here’s a great way to fund a cross country trip/vacation. Buy about 5 good used Segway machines and get an RV to haul them (and you) around in and set off across America.

Stop along the way at parks or parking lots (get permission from the owner… perhaps pay them a measly daily rental fee) and set up shop. Put out your pre-made big signs (and perhaps a lot of small ones in the area) and rent Segway rides in increments of 15 minutes.

You can even approach owners of large lots (like grocery stores and such) and see if they’d sponser an 8 hour day of free rides for their customers. They could offer free rides to all customers who buy $100+ in groceries. The store owner pays you a flat $1000 for a day’s worth of your 5 Seqways (or whatever you have). You just work your 8 hour day of quick training for each rider and then letting them ride in a predefined area (obstacle course… etc) and you’ve made yourself $1000 for an 8 hour day. Even if you don’t get the sponser gig each time, you can still set up in any empty open space and make at least $400 to $1000 a day by charging $10 for 15 minutes of riding time or something like that.

If you did this two days during the week and on Saturday and Sunday (4 days a week total), you could quite easily make $3000 - $5000 or more a week while travelling around the US.

All this business takes is a good legal disclaimer for the customer to sign, several machines for them to ride on, an RV, some signs, some time on your hands… and you’re set.

This is a pefect business for retirees. Retirement can actually be lucrative if you just give it some thought. :-)

September 10, 2005

Rent Your Investment House Out as a Hotel

With the housing boom right now, there are so many houses that are being purchased just to turn around in 6 months for a tidy profit. If you have one of those houses, why not get some ongoing revenue out of it without having to deal with tennants in the interim months that you’re waiting to sell? Heck, if it’s profitable enough, just keep the house and continue to rent it as a hotel.

With the ability to advertise to a specific audience for pennies, now-a-days (Google Adwords), it would be quite easy (and inexpensive) to advertise your 2 or 3 bedroom house as a nightly rental, essentially. Especially if it’s near the airport or a major freeway.

Take my situation. Our house is about 2.5 minutes off of I-5, just south of Portland OR. According to the overture keyword suggestion tool, there are about 250 searches a month for “wilsonville hotel”. If I can advertise my house for nightly rental at $80 a night, and I can rent it for say 30 nights a month, that’s $2400 a month in revenue. I have a nice house so I could probably get even $100 for it a night (keeping the price low so that it definitely fills up every night.)

If my mortgage is $1100 a month, that’s quite a profit. Even taking into consideration daily maid service… etc.

And I wouldn’t have to deal with the headaches involved with renting a house out to a traditional renter.

Heck, you could make quite a living from this. Just buy up houses near major freeways, buy ads on Google’s Adwords (or Yahoo… wherever) and sit back and watch the incredible revenue stream.

Of course, this would take some work managing it all, but it would be well worth it to get double your money on your property each month while increasing your equity at the same time.

Add in the use of a car, if you have a house near the airport. This would increase the value proposition even more. You could have a nice $20,000 car parked in the driveway to be used by your guests. So, you could charge maybe $150 a day and pay off the car with the extra cash.

This is done all the time through exchanges. My mother-in-law has done house exchanges with people from other countries where she flies there and stays in their house and uses their car and they fly to her house and uses her house and car. Yes, you’d have to make sure your guests are trustworthy and if you’re dealing with just one every two or three nights, that’s easier than hotels dealing with 50 a night… etc. So, there’s some liability issues, obviously, but I’m sure the overall profitibility far outweighs the liability exposure.

This gives people a totally new perspective on real estate speculation I would think. You couldn’t do this even 5 years ago because the common person didn’t have access to a pool of ready and willing buyers. But now that anyone can place an ad through Google’s Adwords program, anyone has instantaneous access to potential overnight guests.

I love technology!