November 30, 2005

Solo Tees Interview

I did an interview for the entrepreneurial site over at solo tees.

I hate when bloggers say stuff like, “Sorry for not posting… etc” but I feel like I should give an update. I have been sorely lacking on the posts because my main business is holiday related and I’ve been busier than you can imagine. Plus, I’m trying to get my new blog developed. The one that should be changing the landscape of internet retail and blogging forever. (Of course, in my ever so humble opinion… haha!)

So, keep me in your RSS feeds. Much more wonderous stuff to come from Be patient.

November 2, 2005

Newspaper Subscriber Rate Plummeting

There has been much press recently regarding the decline of readership for newspapers. I’ve been tracking this for a while now. Even had a blog dedicated to it (until the reality of lack of time hit me in the face!)

I just got a call from our local rag called the Oregonian. We recently subscribed to the sunday paper for the ads. (My wife promised that she’d use the coupons… um, yeah, okay.)

So, I get a call from an ENTHUSIASTIC lady who wanted to let me know that because of my being such a good customer (been one now for about two months, mind you) that they were going to GIVE ME the daily paper for free. Gee. I sure was lucky, huh?

I told her to PLEASE not send me the daily paper. It was a complete waste of time and resources to send me the daily newspaper.

Guess what I had in my driveway the very next morning? And it wasn’t Sunday.

This industry is just about done. Put a fork in it.