May 5, 2006

Watch For Terrorist Attack on 5/5/06

This is by no means a prediction based on any particular information. I’m just pointing out that they love to pick memorable days to do their evil upon mankind. The date of 5/5/06 is obviously a pretty memorable date. So is 6/6/06 that’s coming up next month. Of course, since that’s the mark of the beast in Christianity, that would be fitting since their ideology and beliefs are of the devil.

Anyway, watch and wait tomorrow (the 5th.) God only knows what they have up their sleeve.

May 3, 2006

Earthquake Prediction Came to Pass

My prediction has come to pass. An 8.0 earthquake would be comensurate with the level of sounds I heard which led me to the prediction in the first place.

In case you’re keeping track, that’s 2 for 2 on my predictions. Two public predictions and two massive quakes.

Yes, you can argue that anyone can make a prediction about an earthquake happening at any time and they will be correct much of the time because of so many earthquakes happening around the world. But consider that both my predictions were for the massive kinds of quakes. There are only an average of 1 "great" quake on earth per year. A "great" quake is 8.0 or better.

In an update to this post, on April 21st, I said the following:

Update 4/21/06: Very large quake happened in Siberia. Remote area but quakes of this size do not happen very often. Watch the next 3 or 4 months though. I think there will be a bigger one. At least based on my experience with the auditory signals I get preceeding seismic events.

I realize many people are skeptical, but I’m batting 1000 with my last two predictions (read about my first public prediction that came to pass here) and I’ve batted 1000 with many more previous to that. I just haven’t announced them in a public forum like this. However, I will continue to post my predictions here as time goes on. Maybe I should start a separate blog predicting seismic activity. :-)