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I love going to the state fair or even the local county fair with my family. It’s always a fun time. Especially when you have children the age of my daughter. Haley is just over 2 years old and every day is a new discovery.

There are LOTS of young families that go to outdoor amusement activities like carnivals, fairs and even full scale amusement parks. If you think real hard, there’s plenty of money to be made at these places.

Here’s my idea. Get yourself a really good video camera (digital if possible) and go to your local fair or amusement park. Just wander around looking for some good “family memories” to video. It would be best if you have a good zoom, so you don’t have to get really close. What you’re trying to do is capture really great moments for random families. So often, families don’t capture the really touching moments or really good memories because they’re too busy PARTICIPATING in the moment instead of filming it.

So here you are to their rescue without them even knowing about it. You can just follow a family for 5 or so minutes and and when you see you’ve got some good footage you can stop. Don’t worry about intruding or being “seen” doing it because people are videoing all the time at such places so you won’t look obvious at all. Now, if you follow them around for 30 minutes, they might suspect you’re videoing them, but not for just 5 minutes at a distance.

Make sure you have fliers made up that explains your services. After getting some good moments on tape, casually approach the family leader and give them your flier and say, “I’ve caught some really good candid moments with you and your family. If you go to my website tomorrow, and enter this number on the front page, you’ll be able to see some still photos from the video. I’ve caught about 5 minutes or so. If you’re interested in purchasing a tape of it, the directions are right here. Have a wonderful day here at the park.”

Make sure on the flier you tell them that all video not claimed (purchased) within 72 hours will be destroyed so they are reassured that you aren’t keeping all these tapes.

You’ll have to create a website that you can upload still photos onto from your videos you taped during that day. It wouldn’t take too much to get it up and running. You can find someone really cheap to create the site for you at Might take a couple hundred bucks total. Of course, you’d have to have a video camera and a digital camera would be scads easier in post production to get stills from in order to upload them to the site. Then have a simple order form for your customer to order the video if they want to get it. I would imagine you could sell them for $19.95 plus shipping. If you spend 4 hours on location you can get at least 30 families on tape. Spend 8 hours and you can get 60 or more on tape. It would take you another 2 hours (once you have it streamlined) to get the materials posted on your site. Out of 60 families, I would imagine you’d get at least 10 to purchase, if not more. That’s a couple hundred bucks a day or more.

You could even do this with just still photos. Get about 10 really good candid pics for each family and then upload them to your site (in low resolution) and offer to upload them to (in high resolution) for them and then they can just order prints from You charge them a one time fee for uploading them to and releasing the reprint rights to them. The still photo idea would actually be more profitable I would imagine since you could photograph many more families in a day than with video. You’d have to experiment.

There are plenty of places where memories go unrecorded. As I’m sure Kodak knows, there’s plenty of money in memories.

Now get bizzy!

Bizzy Man Dan

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