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Every once in a while I’m going to give you some wisdom on tools and resources that are out there to use in support of a business that you may be planning or already implementing.

The first one I’m going to write about is one very dear to my heart. It’s called Mals-E. The site is named after the guy that runs it. His name is Mal Stewart. I personally think there should be a monument erected in the middle of Entrepuerer-land (if there was such a place) honoring this man’s contribution to small business. As far as I can tell, Mal operates this website all by himself and does an amazing job of it. I’m not really sure of his nationality but I think he lives in Gibralter (an island nation between Spain and Morroco.) His English is perfect, I know that.

I came across Mals-E when I was looking for a solution to take orders for my book, back in 1998. Believe me, I searched and searched and searched. At first I went with a new company back then called FreeMerchant or something like that. But it was too cumbersome so I decided to give Mal’s a try. I’ve been with it ever since. I have 5 sites right now all using a Mals cart.

Why is Mals such a great find? One of the main reasons it’s good for newbies is the price. It’s FREE! Then if you grow to the point where you’d like to have your orders processed live using credit cards (after you’ve attained a merchant account separately of course) then you can upgrade to a Premium account for a whopping $6 a month (paid quarterly.) You can take credit card orders with a free account, they just can’t be processed live, that’s all.

Another reason is the sheer simplicity of the system. Instructions are really good on how to create “Add to Cart” links from your own website and if you do become stumped the support forum is HUGE. Most times you receive help from someone in the Mals community within minutes. That’s because of the sheer size of the Mals userbase. He’s got like 10,000 users of the system, or some ungodly number like that. (Remember, this is a one man show basically.)

So, anyway, I can’t stress to you how easy and wonderful Mals has been for me. There’s NEVER been any downtime in the 6 years I’ve used the service and whenever I’ve needed help, it’s been there much quicker than you’d expect for a $6 a month service.

It even has a built in affiliate tracking funtion called mTracker, although it’s a little user unfriendly compared to many others out there. But the point is, it’s there and can be used in conjunction with your free shopping cart.

Did I mention all this is free? 🙂

So, even if you’re just kicking things around right now, go over and get a cart and start experimenting. That way when you’re ready to go live, you’ll be up to snuff and ready to launch.

Now get bizzy!

Bizzy Man Dan

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