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If you got some time on your hands and you are willing to work, there IS money in this. Probably not much, but hey… I’m just the idea man here. You figure out if you want to actually implement it. 🙂

I have all my toll free numbers through a nifty company that sells not only regular toll free numbers, but they also have a list of vanity numbers you can choose from. They have a list of literally hundreds that you can browse. Click here to see what I’m talking about. This is the sign up page where you can browse the available numbers. (The main site where the rates and such is here.)

If you click on the "Specialty" tab on the sign-up page, you’ll see all the vanity numbers I’m talking about. For example, this is a number that is available: 1-866-6-BEEPER. It’s listed at $25 a month. This means if you sign up to use this number, it’ll cost you $25 a month PLUS the monthly usage, whatever that happens to be each month. (They have very good per minute rates.) There’s also a set-up fee to get it activated that is equal to the monthly fee. So to get it up and running it’s going to cost you $50 up front.

All the accounts also come with voicemail and a host of other nifty features like being able to ring to different numbers based on where the caller is calling from in the country. In case you have offices in separate parts of the country… etc. LOTS of nifty stuff.

So the "making money from home" part of this is selecting some numbers on the list and searching for businesses that would jump at the chance to use that number. In our example above, you could look up businesses that sell beepers in your local town via the yellow pages or even use the online national yellow pages like at or, and start calling businesses that sell beepers. Tell them you control the toll free number 866-6-BEEPER and you’re looking for someone to lease it. If they act today, it’ll only be $50 a month plus usage charges of .08 cents per minute. (Service only charges you .069 cents per minute.) So, you pocket $25 a month each month plus the .011 cents per minute premium you’re charging him over what you are charged from the service. You may want to get a set-up fee from them, but if you’re charging $50 a month in this case, that’ll cover your fees for the first month and then you can start making $25 a month thereafter. You could use this as a closing tool. If they sign up today, you’ll waive their $50 activation fee. So, they would only have to pay first month’s lease up front.

As for deliquencies, you wouldn’t have that many because once someone advertises a toll free number, their business is tied to that and it’s pretty much the last thing that gets missed if money is tight.

The only catch to this is you’ll have to copy and paste their activity report each month from the online control panel and email it to them so they can see their usage for billing purposes. In time, you could probably have a cgi script written that would automate that though.

If you spent 8 hours a day doing this at the comfort of your own computer, you wouldn’t make much money at first, but as you got more and more customers on board, you could start making a pretty good residual income with little ongoing effort to keep it going.

But even if you don’t decide to do this idea, if you need a toll free number, these guys are by far the best. As I’ve said before, I have several numbers through them. It’s extremely cheap (the regular toll free numbers are much cheaper from the standpoint of monthly fees.. $2 per month) and they have so many features for so little money, it makes you wonder why they aren’t charging more. So, check ’em out.

Now get bizzy!

Bizzy Man Dan

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