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My name is Dan Sherman and I’ll be a your guide on this journey. I started this blog to give written record to the insanity that is my life. I am what you would call absolutely obsessed with the notion of creating businesses and it’s even more fun when they actually make money.

Everyone thinks of ways to make money every now and then, right? Well, if there were such a thing as “business opportunity steroids” I’d look like the Michelin Man, I’d be so pumped up.

I think about ways to make money ALL THE TIME!!!! I can’t stop. It’s like some sort of sickness. To top it off, it’s not really about the money. (Although, I like Andrew Jackson and Benjamin Franklin as much as the next guy.) No, it’s all about creating and the money is a way of scoring the creation thereby proving it’s value to others.

So Biz Ideas will be just that… every time I get a business idea, I’m going to write it down. It may suck or it may be a million dollar idea… but they’re all going right here. Kinda like a brainstorm session. There aren’t any right answers. A seemingly weird idea that has no real value can spark another idea that is out of this world.

You gotta promise me one thing! If you see something you like, STEAL IT!!!! If I can contribute the spark that flames your American dream… that’s what it’s all about, Man! (Of course, kick me a few grand when you make it really big… don’t forget the little people along the way.)

Cheers for now and make it a day worth remembering because if you don’t, how the heck will you remember it?

Now go get bizzy!

Bizzy Man Dan

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