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I got this idea about 6 months ago or so. I wanted to try out one of those satellite radios (in this case, XM Radio) but I didn’t want to buy one before trying it out. I didn’t want to have to go through all the hassle of buying and activating it if I didn’t end up liking it. I just wanted to listen to all the stations and see if it was really worth buying.

As always, my mind did the “can-I-make-money-from-this-obstacle” dance. Well, it was obvious… of course. I was sure there were plenty of people wanting to take it for a spin first before buying. Think of all the people going on vacations, driving across the country with no entertainment prospects to speak of during most of the trip. They might not necessarily want to purchase a satellite radio but would love to have one for their two week vacation for all the time spent in the car… etc.

So, I set about going to work. I registered, built a site in a few hours and by the end of the day, I had an advertisement up on Google using their Adwords program. Within 2 hours of posting my ad, I had my first customer. Now, mind you, I hadn’t even purchased a radio yet. I wanted to get a customer first. Now THAT’S my idea of a low cost startup. Haha!

The next day I went down to Circuit City and purchased two radios. One for me to listen to while the other one was rented out, thereby paying for both of them and getting XM Radio for free essentially. I just stopped the Google ad while the second one was rented out and then put it back up when the unit came back. There were even times I had both of them out at one time.

My main business started to hop because it was getting to be Christmas, so I pulled the plug on the whole thing and haven’t yet put the ad back up. Renting two units at all times, I figured I was netting about $20 a month after all expenses but I was paying the monthly subscription fee (on both units) which is really all I wanted to do.

I suppose I’ll get to advertising again soon. But hopefully I’ll have a bunch of competition now from all you, right? 🙂

BTW: When I was initially mulling over the idea, I called XM Radio to ask if it was alright with them if I do this. It really benefitted them since it was exposing more people to the XM Radio experience. They didn’t care.

Also… I can tell you, once you have satellite radio, you’ll never go back to FM again. It’s truly amazing. I find myself getting to my destination and having to sit there for a bit to catch the ending of a comedy routine on the comedy channel or the end of a Biography on “E.” Just amazing!

Now get bizzy!

Bizzy Man Dan

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  1. I was wondering if you were still renting out the XM radios?

    I am driving my g/f from orlando to new orleans and was interested in renting one.


  2. Are you still renting XM radios? I need one this Friday for a week’s vacation so I can listen to the World Cup matches.

    Let me know if you do or not. Thanks!


  3. I’ve stopped renting XM radios. XM didn’t appreciate it. Got a love letter from them. 🙂

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