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This was a fortuitous find because I was just thinking I wanted to blog my thoughts on selling things that cater to people that need to have something better than the average folks.

Then this came along over at Gizmodo. Can you believe someone would pay $500 for a power cord for their computer?

I do. People who have some money to burn want to set themselves apart from the average joe and they do this in many ways. (BTW: I have no problems with this… it’s what drives the American financial engine of ingenuity. If I want to earn more money to buy a $500 power cord, I have to create some value somewhere for people to want to spend that kind of money… hence, our society benefits from this drive to create value.)

So, if you can think of a way to justify a $150 t-shirt, someone will purchase it. If you can think of a way to justify a $1000 computer keyboard, someone will purchase it.

Look around you. Can you think of way to increase the perceived (and actual) value of something around you and sell it for a higher price?

Read Seth Godin’s Free Prize Inside and you’ll be thinking of all kinds of things.

BTW: Stay tuned… I’ll be selling $150 t-shirts in the future. It’s one of my projects in the pipeline. I’ll give you all the meat of this idea as it unfolds and you can watch step by step on how I do it.

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