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If you consider yourself an entrepreneur, I KNOW you are reading books that are designed to improve your entrepreneurial mindset.


The entrepreneurial talent I’m going to touch on today is marketing.

Read Free Prize Inside by Seth Godin.

Don’t pass go, do not collect $200… don’t go to jail first… just go buy this book.

Seth is pretty much a master at self-promotion and as far as I’m concerned, if you can promote yourself as well as he has, listen up when he gives advice.

I’ve read three of his books, now. The first one I read was Unleashing the Idea Virus and then he came out with Purple Cow and now Free Prize Inside.

All of these are great books and if you can swing the cost, you should get all of them. But my favorites are the last two… Purple Cow and Free Prize Inside. Purple Cow because it’ll show you how to think differently when it comes to marketing and then Free Prize Inside will encourage you to come up with business ideas you never dreamed of.

After reading Free Prize Inside, I came up with an absolutely incredible idea that I am in the middle of implementing and I’ll report about it later here in the blog. But they are incredible books, all of them.

Anyone can make something or buy something wholesale and try to sell it. Anyone can write something and make an ebook and try to sell it. Anyone can buy a business license and hang a shingle. But it’s the remarkable marketer that makes all those things profitable.

If you’re not a remarkable marketer, or don’t even know how to think like one yet, you should be reading books on it. You should do that before you do ANYTHING else in your entrepreneurial life.

Go get some marketing books… now!

Now go get bizzy!

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