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As you may know, my main business is a collectible manufacturing company. We sell our collectibles through stores across the country.

We moved our manufacturing facilities to a new location last year in preparation to sell our collectibles through our own storefront. Well, it didn’t do as well as I had anticipated.

So, I’ve decided to add another component to the mix. We’re going to sell hand crafted (high end) furniture on a consignment basis. Our store is on a highway in a town known in Oregon for its antique shops. So, I think this will be a good fit and we can use the furniture to display our collectibles, as well.

I’ll give reports as time goes on as to how we’re doing with this knew turn of events. Should be fun and challenging as well.

I may dabble with listing some of the stuff on ebay as well. We’ll see. (Hate shipping big stuff… pain in the butt.)

P.S. I just counted 4 uses of the term “as well” in the above post. I guess I need to work on that. Nothing like a typing impediment to break up the flow, hey? Although, I guess it’s just as well. 🙂

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