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So, you have this nifty new website and you’re raring to go and start making some moolah. Great. I’m sure you’ve done all the things you need to in order to get traffic, right? (Biggest reason for failure… bar none.)

So, let’s assume you have people coming. Should you put audio on your site?

I’ll answer that without fanfare…

If it’s purposeful. Don’t put audio on your site just to put audio on your site. Don’t use it to say, “Hi, my name is Dufus Doinkenburger and as you can see I can copy some code and paste it into my website for the express purpose of wasting your time and quite possibly annoy you in the process.”

Or something like that.

In other words (pun intended), don’t waste your visitor’s time. If you ACTUALLY have something to say that your audience will appreciate hearing instead of reading, then by all means.

It can be used to describe things. It’s particularly great for auctions. People are inherently distrustful when it comes to auctions. A friendly voice, describing the article being auctioned, can be the difference between a bid and no bid.

If you absolutely MUST use audio because you simply can’t control yourself and you can’t really figure out a place to use it, a good rule of thumb is to use it on your order page. This is where people have to make the crucial decision as to whether to give you their gold bricks, or to leave your site, never to set foot in your webhouse again. This is where putting a personality to the site can help. Of course, it can hurt, too, if you sound like a weasel. So, have someone give you their unbiased opinion as to whether they would just as soon trust their money to a tax and spend liberal than that funny voice coming through their speakers. Honesty is good. If your voice (like mine) scares young children and old people who can still hear, then fortunately, there’s an alternative for you. There’s a site ( where you can hire someone to read your copy and send you the mp3 file and just use that instead of recording your own.

So, how do you do it? Putting audio on your site has become very easy. I use a monthly hosted service that gives me all kinds of statistics about the usage which comes in handy for figuring out whether you’re doing the right thing. If people are stopping the audio after 10 seconds and it’s a 45 second file, you’ve got some problems. So, it’s good to know those things.

I’ve recorded a sample for you, my all important readers, so you can not only hear my award winning voice, but see what I’m talking about in general. Of course, if you click on the image, you’ll be taken to their site. And being the great online entrepreneur I am, that link is also an affiliate link, wherein I’ll own 33% of your money upon signing up. If you can swing two accounts, that’d be much appreciated. 🙂

Nifty, hey? So, go and purchase one of these accounts. It’s cheap and if used properly, it WILL increase your business. Be sure to read about all the uses you can put audio files to on the website. I didn’t figure it’d be worth it to repeat it all here since they do such a great job explaining it on their site.

And if you think you want to explore all the other audio options, here are the major players (NO pun intended that time):

My Web Site Talks
Audio Maker Pro
Instant Audio

One more thing… I will be posting (at some point in the future) an interesting way to make money with the audio itself apart from using it to sell something else. So, be sure to get on my email list so you don’t forget to come back and read more of my genius ideas.

Now go get bizzy!

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