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This idea is one that I came up with years ago, but only recently was I reminded of it.

Start a service for apartment dwellers. For $10 a month (or whatever you can get), the apartment dweller can just leave their garbage outside their door and you’ll come around and pick it up for them and take it to the apartment complex’s big garbage bin.

Now, some apartment complexes have their garbage areas so close to the apartments that you won’t be able to get any business. But there are many out there where the closest garbage bin is a little too far for comfort and you could probably find a lot of takers for your convenient service. Enough to make a business of it, anyway.

You could establish your pick-up times on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in one area (with several complexes in that area) and then Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in the other area. That way you can manage your time better and be more efficient. If you have 500 customers paying $10 a month, you’d be making $5000 a month. You could do 250 apartments in one of your areas (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and 250 customers in the other area (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.) You’d be working 6 days a week, but you could hire someone at some point to do your Saturday gig for you. Heck, if you continued to expand, you could have employees doing all the work for you when you got big enough.

You could even partner with the complex office to give them your literature when someone moves in. It’s a nice feature the office can offer to their new tenants and a great way for you to market without spending a dime on marketing. Some complexes might even contract with you and offer it as a standard feature for their residences. You could offer a discount because you’d have all your customers in one area and it would take you less time to do the work.

Send me a few bucks when you grow this into an empire, hey? 🙂

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