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I strive to be very honest and up front in my blog. There are many things that people go through in life that they’d just as soon not let ANYONE know about, let alone put it on the internet via a blog.

But I’ve always wanted this blog to be a transparent (as possible) lens through which people can see the struggles of an entrepreneur.

I started my road to self-employment back on February, 2001. I quit my job (which was paying me handsomely) to make Santas, of all things. (Read whole story here.) Since then, Great American has been my main focus and my entrepreneurial side has been nourished through that and a smattering of other projects when I had time for them.

Just recently, as is normal for this time of year, the Santa business is slower. So, I’ve had time to devote to other projects some of which have been touched on in the blog and are coming along nicely.

Although I’m slowly seeing some results from my other endeavors, the Santa business is really hanging by a thread. In years past, we’ve had enough of our own resources to carry us through (and a loan from Grandpa which was paid back promptly, with interest) but this year it’s much tighter.

So, I’m going to do something to raise cash that appeals to my sense of being a “remarkable” entrepreneur. I’m going to stand on a street corner here in our local area and hold a sign that says, “Business Needs $10,000” and then it’ll have a website address to go to for more info. Here is graphic of the sign. Here is the site that is advertised on the sign.

I’ve used PRWeb to do a press release on the event. There’s a link on the website to the press release if you’re interested in what it says.

So, here we go. The press release comes out on Monday. I’ve sent the release to our local paper’s proper editors (The Oregonian) and now we’ll see what happens. As always, you’ll hear about it through the blog. Hopefully, holding the sign coupled with the media coverage (if any) will propel us to a successful outcome.

When you get your back up to a wall and it seems there’s no way out, you gotta think of ways that you wouldn’t normally think of. Kind of like the movies… the hero is trapped and you think, there’s NO POSSIBLE way this guy’s going to get out of this fix. Suddenly, the impossible happens and the hero is saved.

I’m looking around, desperately trying to find that remarkable thing to happen. But you gotta do remarkable things to make remarkable things happen.

So, I’ve got my spot picked out on a corner of a local street that sees much of our state’s most wealthiest people drive by. I’ll be doing something remarkable, however unpleasant it might be to do.

What remarkable thing will you do next week to further your dreams?

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