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What’s the first thing you do when someone leaves you a post-it on your desk? Read it, right? What if you came home and saw a post-it stuck to your door? What would you think? You’d probably think someone you knew stopped by and left you a note, right?

So why not use post-it notes to advertise your business?

I’ve come up with an incredibly efficient method of putting whatever black and white message you want on a post-it note. This is a picture of a post-it advertisement that I’ll be launching shortly related to my collectible business. (The site isn’t fully functional yet. So if you visit it, take that into consideration.)

Here’s another one that I’m working on for a local business.

The nice thing about my method of putting a message onto a post-it note is that it can be a duplication of something written by hand. Like the first example, above. I was able to duplicate my own writing of “Collect” onto the post-it note. When someone sees this, they are MUCH more likely to follow the directions because they think a friend or someone they know is telling them to visit the site.

This method of advertising can be used by yourself for your own business or you can actually make a business of it by providing a way for local businesses to get their ad out to the local public but in a personal way.

You could charge your local hair salon, auto garage, restaurant, gift store (the list goes on) to put their message in front of 5000 local residents around their store for $500. That’s MUCH cheaper than advertising in the paper or radio or just about any other method. But not only is it cheaper, it’s MUCH more effective. You can pretty much assure them that someone will physically LOOK and READ their ad and it will be someone physically living within a 1/2 mile (whatever you want) radius of their store. Newspapers can’t do that. Even with newspaper inserts, most of them get tossed without reading them and the cost is about the same (if they can find a really cheap printer). On top of that, they have to do much more work in getting 5000 flyers to the newspaper… etc.

With this method, you can walk into a beauty salon and show them a mockup of what you’ll be sticking to the front doors of 5000 residents within 1/2 mile of their store, ask them what special they want to run to get people in and all they need to do is give you a check for $500 and they are done.

It’s easier for the business owner, cheaper in most cases, and on top of that, it’s much more effective.

Your costs… 5000 Super Sticky 3M Post-It Notes will cost you about $60 and my ingenius way of getting the message onto the sticky will cost you about $50. Then all you have to worry about is getting 5000 stickys on to people’s front doors. You could do this yourself (if you like exercising) or you can pay some neighborhood kids to do it and pocket the difference.

In the average smaller lot neighborhoods it takes APPROXIMATELY 33 hours or so to stick 5000 stickys to 5000 front doors. Your mileage may vary. But if you look at the numbers on that…

$110 in overhead
$390 in profit
33 hours divided into $390 is nearly $12/hr.
You could make it your daily slog (slow jog) and bring it up to maybe $15/hr.

That’s not a bad job and you get lots of exercise in the process.

This could be expanded accordingly, if you were to hire lots of help to do the door to door stuff. Imagine how many local shops there are that could use this type of localized advertising. If I JUST concetrated on hair salons in the Portland metro area, I could do one a day and for 3 months without repeating any of them. That’s JUST hair places. If I could find enough people to do the passing out, this could be quite lucrative in a big way.

There are SOOOOO many businesses out there that are starved for effective advertising. You could even give the business 1000 free if they are skeptical just to get their business. They will be absolutely amazed at how effective this will be for them if they give a good deal in their ad. It’s also nice for tracking since they need to bring the ad in to get the discount. So, the business owner can really keep track of just how well the campaign is working.

So, how do I do it? Ah… well… the secret is in the sauce. Information is the most valuable thing on planet earth, isn’t it? Even after sharing all this with you, without that key ingredient, it’s all moot. 🙂

Much of what I write about here in my blog is free of charge and I wish everyone the best at implemeting the ideas herein. However, in this particular case, I’m actually DOING this, so I have to keep the methodology under wraps.

I will, however, sell the information to certain people. You will need to tell me what part of the country you live in and where you will be doing this. That way I can make sure I don’t sell the info to someone else in your (or my) particular area. The less people know this secret, the better, from a competitive standpoint.

Or, if you don’t want to pay for the knowledge of the printing method, you can have us do it for you and you and you can concentrate on the physical delivery of the stickys with the remaining $300 you’ll have after paying us for the sticky printing.

Cost is $200 (+$10 shipping) per 5000 post-its. (You can see what my profit is from the above figures… where else can you make a purchase and know exactly what the person’s profit is? Haha) This goes for all of you who may want to get some stickys to advertise your own business.

So email me at myself @ if you’re interested in either purchasing knowledge of the printing method or getting your post-its done by my office. Cost of the post-it printing information is $50 but I’m only going to sell it to the right people.

Couple more things… the post-its NEED to be the super sticky kind. If you use the regular kind, you can get your cost for the stickys down to about $30 for 5000 but you don’t want to risk the sticky blowing away. Also, the sticky’s I’m talking about are the yellow, 3″ by 3″ variety.

Update: You can get stickys professionally printed, in full color, for about 4 cents per sticky but you have to order 12,500 minimum per design ($265). You’d have to sell a business on 12,500 (which you could do, no problem.) The biggest drawback to this, however, is they use the normal stickys and not the super stickys. Believe me… you NEED the super stickys.

Coming Soon… super non-traditional way of raising funds for your business. This one will really make your head shake (in pity, awe or just downright laughter.) 🙂

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  2. I enjoy your site very much! THANK YOU

  3. Dan,

    i don’t think I can use 5,000 post-it notes. Would you be able to split an order?


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