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I’ve decided to rebrand this blog under my own name instead of Biz Ideas. My direction for this blog is to document my successes as an entrepreneur as well as continue to share ideas that I come up with that I just don’t have time to implement.

My overriding goal is to create content that will educate and motivate others to take the next step and become not only a full time entrepreneur (if that’s who you are or want to be) but to become a remarkable entrepreneur.

If you took my advice in my last posting and ordered Free Prize Inside you’ll soon know what I mean by “remarkable.”

We use that term so nonchalantly that it’s lost its core meaning. When you say something is “remarkable,” it literally means that it was so incredible or different that it’s worth remarking about to others.

That’s who I am and what I strive to continue to be. I want to turn your mind upside down and inside out so you can see the world in a completely different way. I’m going to make sure you don’t rest on your laurels and I’m going to challenge you to step up to the plate, if you think you’re truly an entrepreneur, and whack homeruns or swing hard trying and savor the next time at bat while you’re in the dugout.

So, remember the change… we’re now at my own personal name… What better way to launch this journey? I hope you’re along for the ride. I’ve got soooooo many wonderful things planned.

During this ride I implore you to be remarkable in everything you do. Because when we’re at the end of this life of ours, we’re only going to regret the mundane, not the remarkable things we’ve done.

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