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I touched on this at the bottom of my last post. I recently came across a nifty product. It’s a spray that you can use to coat your license plate and from that point on, your license plate will be 95% immune from being pictured by those cameras they have now at stop lights.

So, of course, this got me to thinking. I recently had to go to court to pay a traffic fine (which was dismissed by the kindly judge because I had the tags, just didn’t have them on the car yet.) While I was waiting to be heard by the judge, I must have seen 20 people go before him. That was just in the span of about 20 minutes or so. So, apply those numbers to an 8 hour day, and you got a whole heck of a lot of traffic violators going through court in one day.

Why not make up a flyer (they may even have one already at the site that sells this stuff) and hand it out as people come out of the courthouse? The majority of those coming out will have just paid $X for a traffic fine. If you hand them a sheet of paper that tells them they can avoid any and all camera related tickets using this product, you’re sure to get some sales.

Not sure if this is possible, but if you can purchase a list somewhere of traffic violators/offenders, you could do up a direct mail piece and send it out.

Each can of this stuff costs $30 and does about 4 plates. The commission is up to 50%, depending on the volume of sales. (They have an affiliate program.) So, you might be able to make $100 a day just by handing out flyers in front of the courthouse. You’d have to look into the legality of handing out flyers in front of the courthouse, but it’s public property, so I would imagine it’s just a permit of some sort you need.

Heck, the general populace would be interested in this as well. You could use my post-it note idea and put a catchy line on a sticky with a website address and bring people to the site. On the site you can offer to apply the spray to their plates for them and make money from the service or just offer the product, or both.

You could also retail this stuff by buying it wholesale. This would be a perfect demo type of product for one of those retail shows in the convention center, where you go and look at stuff in booths. (Big around Christmas.) You’d just have to make sure no one else is registered doing the same thing at the show you plan on doing.

The flyer thing would have to be tested, but the retail show idea… that’s money in the bank. These types of shows are PERFECT for this type of product. Show pictures of how effective it is and perhaps have a video of the testing that’s been done on the product…etc. You’d sell HUNDREDS of cans of spray at one of these shows.

Here is the product site again.

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