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If you maintain a blog, take pride in your blogroll. The links you provide to other sites for your visitors should be protected and maintained like they were valuable China plateware in a shop full of rampaging bulls.

When people visit your blog, you start with pretty much no trust. The first thing they notice is the overall design. If it’s good and clean, the trust factor goes up a notch. Then they start reading what you have to say. If they like what they read, the trust factor goes up another notch.

Then they see you have provided them a list of other sites that seem to be related to the subject that brought them to your site. They say to themselves, “Well, that’s mighty nice of him to do that for me.”

They click on a link and an error screen comes up. Okay… I guess the guy I’ve trusted here doesn’t maintain a good list of people. Well, maybe that was a fluke. I’ll try this one.

The blog hasn’t been updated for 3 months.

Hit back button again. Wow. This is frustrating. Let me try another one.

Oh my God! How can anyone even think of sitting at this site for more than a few seconds? It’s hideously ugly and there’s all kinds of flashy stuff going off and freezing my screen… etc.

Back button again.


BTW: I promise there’s an entrepreneurial angle to this… keep reading.

So what am I getting at here? First, having a million links from your blog to other people’s blogs is just darn right overwhelming to your visitor. Cut it back a bit. Second, link to sites that you KNOW are blogging regularly and that have a good, clean uncluttered design that’s not going to irritate your viewer.

Your blogroll is essentially your introduction to someone else. Would you introduce your business associate or friend to a scruffy homeless guy with no teeth? Would you take your business associate or friend over to someone’s house to introduce them to someone only to see that they’re not home or worse yet, they’ve moved?

So how does this tie into being an entrepreneur? This is a perfect example of what I said a few posts ago. A true entrepreneur assesses just about everything they come across each day for its value creating potential. Whether that be solving a problem or changing an existing solution to solve another problem… the permutations are endless. But the entrepreneur is CONSTANTLY on the lookout.

This blogroll problem is a perfect example. Anyone could go to and get a developer to create a script built to sell to bloggers. The script would give bloggers a web-based system that they could use to maintain their blogrolls properly. They would insert some javascript where their blogroll is and then have a screen only they can access on their website where they can input the URL and a title of the blog they want to add to their blogroll and the system would automatically list it. But then it would visit the site each day and see if there is a new post and that the link is working. You could set it to drop the link from your blogroll if there aren’t any new posts in X number of days. You could also set it to notify you if the HTML has changed signficantly so you can review it to make sure it still has a look and feel you can continue to endorse.

Once you have the script built, sell it for a nominal fee and make money.

I know there are services out there that will automate your blogroll but none that I’ve seen that will do quite what I have described here. If there is, kudos to the maker. YOU are an entrepreneur and I salute you.

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