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Update: We no longer employ painters through the mail or locally. Sorry. Please disregard any mention of that in this post.

As you might know, my main business is a collectible business. We manufacture, wholesale and retail resin figurines. Mainly holiday related ones like Santas and such. We sell these through stores across the nation as well as direct to collectors.

I’m going to be doing a very slow roll out of a new way to have our figurines painted. I thought I would post it here first. Just in case I have any budding artists that read my blog. But you won’t only be painting, you can also put your entrepreneurial hat on as well. Read on…

First, I need you to paint one figurine to our specifications as a “try out” piece. I need to make sure your work is of good enough quality to paint for us.

After you pass that, you’ll become an official Great American painter. As it stands now, all our painters are in the local area here around Portland, Oregon. But under this new system I want to test, location will not be an issue. You’ll simply receive X number of figurines in the mail with specific color application instructions. You’ll be responsible for getting the paints, brushes, stain and sealer. Don’t worry, it’s not that big of an investment. We use the same 30 or so colors for almost all our collectibles and we use acrylic Delta paints for the most part.

As a typical scenario, we’ll receive an order from either a collector or a store for 10 figurines. We’ll try to choose a painter that’s physically located in the same part of the country as that collector or retailer to save on shipping. We’ll package up those 10 figurines and put them in their gift box… etc. We’ll send them to you in blank form. Then you’ll be responsible for painting them within a specific time period. When you have finished painting them, you’ll box them back in their gift box, and put them in the same box we shipped them to you in and ship them on to their end destination (either the collector or the store that ordered them.)

When we ship it to you, it’ll have a prepaid label enclosed so all you have to do is slap the label on the shipping box and take it to the nearest FedEx authorized shipping center. (They are most commonly in those little shipping stores like Postnet and other places like that.)

So, all you do is provide and apply the paint, stain (to make it look older) and sealer and of course, you have to supply your own set of brushes to do all this with.

We pay you, on average, $7.25 to paint and package them back up for shipping to the end consumer and/or store. The exact amount will depend on the size of the piece but you’ll know all the pay amounts for each piece in advance. Paint and all the materials you use to prepare the piece will run about .50 cents per piece. So, you’ll be getting about $6.75 per piece for the actual labor.

You will be paid once a month, on the 15th, for all pieces you’ve shipped out during the previous calendar month. (This gives time for pieces you may have shipped on the 30th of the previous month to have arrived their final destination so we can confirm that batch was paint and shipped before paying for it.)

This isn’t a lot of pay, I have to tell you. It’s going to take the AVERAGE painter about 1.5 hours to paint each piece. But where else can you get paid to do something you love to do while sitting in front of the TV at your dining room table? Unfortunately, it’s all we can afford because we can’t charge a whole lot for resin figurines since we are up against an industry mainly made in china.

So, you just have to like painting and being a part of a “hobby” industry like this and have a few extra hours a night free for this paid hobby.

Now, here’s where you can put your entrepreneurial skills to work at the same time. Take our pieces around to some places in your local area that you think might be interested in carrying our collectibles. If they start carrying anything of ours, you get a 5% commission on everything they buy from us from that point which adds up to an extra $1.13 for our main line of Santas. Even if you don’t end up painting their specific pieces, you’ll still get your 5% for the life of that account.

As the painter in that local area, you’ll have automatic credibility and a great opening line when you approach them because you are the one most likely to paint the pieces they will be selling. So, they can use that in their signage… “painted by local painter” or something like that. The local angle really helps when marketing resin collectibles made in the USA. So, this feeds (grows) your painting pipeline while at the same time, allows you to make a little more per piece because you brought them on as customers.

If you get enough local (area or region wide) business, you can even find people in your local area to paint FOR YOU and pay them a bit less than we pay you (or the full amount since you are getting the extra 5% from sales to the stores.) That way, you can expand your local operation without having to do all that painting yourself. A creative person can really do a lot with this concept. And of course, all my blog readers are creative… right? 🙂

So… if you are interested in trying out to be a painter, please email me your name, address, phone number and a brief synopsis of your artistic skills. You can reach me at santa(@) Thanks!

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  1. Dan,
    Nice site! What is the url for the santa business?

    Your Uncle Ernie

    PS. Say hi to Alison for me.

  2. Hi Dan,

    I have been a ceramicist for approximately 10 years now. I have received awards at the Pomona Fair Ceramics show. These awards include Best of Show (hobbyist), Best of Show (professional), and I also received a “Freddy” awarded by Popular Ceramics Magazine. I truly enjoy painting and would love to complete a sample for you.


    Tammy Mattheson

  3. Sir,

    Do you sell unpainted resin figurines? I am trying to find some for sale.


  4. Hello,
    Just saw your advertisement. Are you still in need of painters?
    North Carolina

  5. Interested in painting.

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