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So much of our lives are lived within the relative safety of risk-free decision making. By and large, we hold a 9 to 5 job which assures us a paycheck every two weeks and some sort of health insurance. We have a barbecue now and again. Essentially, we live a safe yet boring life.

Let’s say you were to die tomorrow. Take a few minutes to think what someone close to you might say at your eulogy.

Are there any good “stories” you’ve given any one who might want to share with people that give an indicator of just what type of person you were?

I’m not saying we should do things in our lives just so someone can have a good story for our eulogy… but it just so happens the events in our lives that make good eulogy stories are what makes our lives interesting while we’re living.

We went to the beach over the 4th and on the way home, without even asking the wife, I just stopped along side the road and said, “let’s go down to that river.” So, my wife, my 2.5 year old and I went down to the river. We’ve never done such a thing during any of our previous trips to or from the beach. (There’s a small mountain range between us and the beach which has big trees and great rivers… such is life in beautiful Oregon.) We had a great time… didn’t take us very long to go down and wade into the river and my daughter had a blast since I let her walk around in the water with her favorite sandals on.

It’s the little unexpected things in life that makes the memories. If you live only by what’s planned, you are missing out on something. Plans are good and necessary at times, but plan to do the unplanned sometimes and you’re life becomes a little bit more memorable and eulogy ready.

That night, when I was putting Haley to bed after reading her some stories, she started to recount her day to me in the cute way she does at this stage in her language development. There was a short mention of the beach and some of the things we did there but when the side trip to the river came up, she mentioned going into the river with her sandals on and got this BIIIIIGGGG grin on her face and just lit up at the memory of it. We spent a good 8 hours at the beach and only 15 minutes at the river.

Are you creating eulogy moments in your life and more to the point of this blog… in your business life? When people remember you at the funeral, they don’t tend to remember what you did that other people do (9 to 5 job, come home, watch tv, eat, sleep…etc.) They remember those things that you did that hardly anyone has done. In other words… the remarkable things you’ve done.

It was small, but the river trip was remarkable in my daughter’ eyes. It’s actually my life’s ambition to seek the remarkable event or outcome in every aspect of my life.

As an entrepreneur, it should be at least your professional goal as well.

Coming soon… I’ve got a VERY exciting post coming up. I know someone on the inside at a very popular online company and he’s sharing with me some news that’s going to knock the socks off the general public when it becomes common knowledge. Of course, the company is probably going to have a coniption when they see that it’s been leaked. But you only live once. Of course, they’ll deny it as well. It’s a long term project so won’t be released officially for a long time. But you’ll have read it here first. Stay tuned…

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