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In a previous post, I mentioned a magazine that anyone interested in affiliate programs should read. If you’re interested in getting a free issue of that magazine, Revenue Today, send me your name and mailing address and I’ll get one sent to you for free. I have to receive your request before July 31st, 2004 however. Also, put “Revenue Today” in the subject field to bypass my spam filters.

Here’s the pertinent part of my previous post I’m referring to, regarding the Revenue Today magazine:

If you are an online entrepreneur of ANY kind, you simply MUST subscribe or at least read a new publication out which is all about affiliate marketing and programs. It’s called Revenue Today. I got the first issue the other day and I was floored with how awesome the info in it is. It’s only $25 a year. Get it. Just about every major affiliate program in existence is an advertiser in it. This is where you can get a good list of affiliate programs for your town’s wireless association.

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