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WARNING! My conservative tendencies will be revealed in spades during this post. If you are a liberal (God love ya) you may want to go find a religious image to ban or a tree to hug, or something else that makes you FEEL good. 🙂

Okay… you’re still here. Great. Let’s go.

I just came across an interesting affiliate program. It’s being offered by the RNC (Republican National Committee.) For every donation you get through your website, they’ll pay you 30% of the total. It’s managed by Commission Junction. So you have to sign up as an affiliate with CJ first, then do a seach for the “RNC” program and sign up for it through your affiliate screen in CJ.

I got to thinking about this. Why not go door-to-door in your town? Carry a clipboard and take a poll of everyone you talk to regarding pertinent campaign issues. Then have sticky notes made up that has your own domain on it (forwarded to your affiliate URL) and give these to the people who have given an indication they are Republican. You should of course inform them that their donations will help Bush survive the onslaught by the liberal media, socialist multi-billionaires and Hollywood elites who are trying their darndest to hoodwink our nation’s citizenry into thinking President Bush is the worse thing since Hitler… etc.

You’d be making some cash and at the same time helping President Bush win another term.

You should also get poll data during your door-to-door survey and then offer to sell that information to your local news networks and even to the local chapters of the political parties. The finer your information is on details (by neighborhood, race, income level, own, rent… etc) the more money you’ll be able to command for the information. Just be careful NOT to collect personal data from anyone in your survey.

I think in this hotly contested Presidential race, this could be a part time job that would actually make a good amount of cash for you.

NOTE: Please do not email me regarding my political revelations in this post. I am a staunch conservative Republican and proud of it. I can tolerate your viewpoints (if you’re a liberal) so please tolerate mine (since liberals claim to be so tolerant, that shouldn’t be a problem, right?) I have a passion for this country and what it stands for. It just so happens that the Republican platform (on most issues) furthers and supports the tenants that make our nation great and will perpetuate its greatness on into the future. I will not, under any ciurcumstances, waiver from this position. Asking me to think any different would be like asking me to conclude that water is a solid and up is actually down. It wouldn’t make any sense in this lifetime or in any other. However, I will gladly teach you how your liberal position on most issues are not based on reality and how destructive to our society they can be in many instances. 🙂
I’m going to start featuring a “tshirt-of-the-post” (TOTP) in my blog posts. Kind of like a “tshirt-of-the-day” but tied to each post instead of day. Duh, right? 🙂
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