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Google and Overture’s localized keyword programs have created a TON of opportunity for those of us who are even somewhat knowledgeable about the web.

This can be done for a myriad of different industries, but I’ll use auto mechanic as an example.

Call around to all your local mechanic outfits and introduce yourself as a new service that will bring them business. Ask what they specialize in, what their rates are, can you get your customers discounts if you bring them a certain amount of business per month… etc. Just get to know all the options in your local area so when you start your business, you know what’s going on locally with mechanic shops.

Then set up a site that introduces your services as a mechanic broker for your local area. Concentrate on the local PPC (pay per click) keyword matches for auto mechanic and other related terms in Google’s Adwords and Overture’s PPC program.

Your site will be a friendly introduction of your services. You want to sell YOU and YOUR services. Once they trust you, then you can help them find a mechanic that’s just right for their needs (their make of car, their budget… whatever.) Set up a form on your site that asks them pertinent questions regarding their needs. Then YOU will find them the best option for their location and make and model of car.

You get paid per customer you bring to the mechanics. You’ll have discussed how much you get paid for bringing customers to them in advance, of course.

Once you get some traffic, you could sell ancillary products on your site like “how to” stuff for people’s cars, how to buy a car, how to lease a car, loan calculators, car financing stuff. The list is endless.

Heck, you could even offer a valet service where you will arrange to pick up their car at their work and then drop it off again when it’s done. For a fee, of course.

List rental outfits in case they’ll need that. You should have already struck deals with local car rental outfits for bringing them customers as well.

Car wash deals, windshield repair partnerships, auto parts… it’s a wide open idea. All you have to do is get people coming to your site. I can guarantee there’s not much in the way of competition right now. There aren’t many local businesses advertising via the local keywords in the search engines yet. Oh, they may have a glorified, cheaply done, one page site that says their number. But nothing like what you’ll have and you can provide them a conduit to every local mechanic in your area.

You could plop this idea on to a lot of industries. It’s just that the car mechanic world is one where people CRAVE having someone else take care of it for them since they don’t do it very often and don’t usually know of a good place on their own. That, coupled with the fact that most of your local mechanic shops are clueless when it comes to internet marketing and VIOLA! You are the glue that brings those two worlds together.

As usual, when you start making the big bucks using one of my ideas, I’ll expect a nice fat check in the mail. 🙂

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  1. You’ll never guess – I have had this idea for sometime, and have only just read this today. I have a few additions to the equation.
    Email me and I will keep you posted on how it all pans out…

  2. Please do keep me posted. I’m anxious to hear about your successes and failures, if there are any. 🙂 (Hopefully not!)

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