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Here’s a task to get your entrepreneurial juices flowing.

Visit this link and take a look at the picture. Now send me your ideas on how to make money with the Segway as the basis of your business. Doesn’t have to be with golf… ANY idea is acceptable. I’ll post the best ideas on the site here with a link to your site if you have one.

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  1. Segway Guided Tour Business- Setting up a Segway tour business is fun and relatively easy. First you must set up a Segway tour web site and list it in search engines for your area. Second you aquire one Segway to learn how to ride followed by finding a safe Segway tour route. Rent a facility close to where you offer tours to store machines. Learn how to safely train and escort participants efficiently with the same route. Accept every qualifed rider that enquires 7 days a week.

    contact for specific details

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