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Three years ago, right after I launched Great American Collectibles, I signed up for Xerox’s free color printer program. They send you a free color laser printer and all you have to do is print a certain amount of pages each month and buy the ink replacement from them. If you go below your “minimum” usage per month they assess a $100 fee. So, under the worse case scenario, when you’re not using your printer all that much, you pay $100 a month.

I couldn’t have run this operation without that printer. Color printing is essential for this business. The nice part is, after three years, you OWN the printer (which I just passed last month.)

Why not get one of these printers and start a short run printing and mailing operation? So many printing outfits want you to print thousands of whatever you are printing in order to accept your job. If it’s less, it’s REALLY expensive.

Your business could specialize in printing Microsoft Publisher files since Publisher is a very popular design tool for many small businesses. There are a lot of businesses that only want 100 of something printed and perhaps mailed. You could do that for them for much cheaper than they’re going to find at the big printer places. Just tack on a bit extra for mailing it on their behalf.

Then you’d have the added side benefit of having a color laser printer on hand for your own needs, being paid for by your color printing jobs.

You could do up a flyer (on your color laser printer, of course) and bring it around to local businesses, advertising your reasonable short run color printing service. If you’re good at design, you could provide that service as well.

Lots of ways to use this printer to earn money. Or, heck, just get one yourself. Here’s the link again.

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