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Don’t you just love statements like that? I just don’t get it. Who falls for crap like that? I just came across an “opportunity” called “The Six Figure Secret“. Being the curious entrepreneur I am, I had to take a look-see.

Wow. I just shake my head each time I see stuff like this. I was told about it from someone in their newsletter to me. I’ve been on his list for a while. He sells cheapo ads through a network of ezines. I’ve never used his service, but I certainly won’t now.

If you go to the “Six Figure Secret” site, you’ll come across the same tired sales copy… big statements, testimonials… no links to anything… just sales copy. This should be your first tip off that you are about to be swallowed whole by a “genius” copy writer.

But, alas, there are legitimate opps or info downloads, or whatever, that still use that type of long, one page, high impact sales copy. So, I gave it some time.

Not ONCE, during the entire sales copy did I read EXACTLY how I would be making a six figure income except the all important, “just give us $27 a month” (lowered from $47 for some reason… oh, that makes me want it even more).

If you’re reading this, and you’ve signed up for this program, please email me and let me know, first, what it ended up being that you are doing to make all that money and second, what exactly it was that made you sign up? Lastly, just how much money have you EARNED since signing up?

Bottom line, folks. If they are too ashamed or embarrased or reluctant to tell you what it is you’ll be doing to make all the money they claim you can make, it’s either immoral, unethical or downright too difficult to do. Run like the wind the other way.

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