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I saw this over at Greedy Girl‘s blog. Now this is something that snatches the attention of anyone who is even remotely looking your way.

When you first look at this (the guy on the toilet), you immediately think, “well, that’s fine for a plumber, but I could never do that for my business.”


The goal is to grab the attention of the jaded public. I don’t care what business you’re in. You can either tie in your ad copy on the auto to somehow reference someone sitting on the toilet, or you can have it just remain a mystery as to how that ties in with your company. In some respects, having that on your vehicle with no apparent connection to your business makes it even MORE effective. The person looking at it will look and remember it even longer because for 10 minutes after seeing the image of the guy on the toilet and the other info about your business on the side of the auto, they’ll be scratching their heads trying to think of the connection. Meanwhile, you’ve already succeeded in imprinting your company’s name and what you do into the mind of the consumer.

It doesn’t have to be a man sitting on a toilet. You could use a LOT of similarly creative images on your auto to grab someone’s attention.

Your goal isn’t necessarily to make sense in your advertising… it’s to make a lasting impression and if possible, induce the viewer to remember it so vividly that they tell someone else about what they saw later in the day or week. Heck, if it doesn’t make sense, you may have people calling you to ask how the image of the guy on the toilet is related to your business. Who cares why they are calling, they are calling. Turn the call into a positive contact and you are one further step towards more revenue down the road.

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