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My latest project is coming to fruition finally. It’s a blog booklet printing service. You can see it in action in the “P.S” part of each of my blog posts down below. It’s in beta right now and my blog is the only one currently using it.

Essentially, my new service gives bloggers a new way of monetizing their content. Assuming you are a blogger, how many of your readers do you think have taken the time to read your entire blog from the first entry to the last? You could probably count them on one hand.

But if you gave them the option of reading it offline, at their own leisure, you are delivering much more value to your readers then you would be without the printout feature.

Offering your entire blog from first entry to last entry, in booklet format, is a natural evolution of the blogging world. As bloggers, we have plenty of content, but hardly anyone is reading ALL of it because of the way blogs are setup to just show the latest entry. There are plenty of blogs I would LOVE to read from beginning to end, but not on my computer. I’d rather snuggle up to it in bed before going to sleep. Or in my easy chair in between playing “kitty” with my daughter and refilling my kool-aid glass.

Here’s the low down. When you sign your blog up with the service, you are given a shopping cart link specific to your blog. It links to our payment processing cart directly. No fuss, no muss. Just advertise the link on your site and call it a day.

The customer clicks on the link and is taken through a simple order form process. We get the order, print your blog (in reverse blog order) using a proprietary XML feed I’ve developed, and we send it out via media mail to your customer. (They can upgrade to Priority shipping during the order process. Otherwise, shipping is built into the price.)

We take the payment and pay you periodic royalties.

I know what you’re thinking already. “What about all the links in my blog? How do you handle the fact that my reader will probably want to click on those links?”

Yes, that’s true. And for blogs that ONLY link to outside sources, without writing much content of their own, our service probably isn’t for them. But if you have lots of content on your own and linking out is only complimentary to your posts, I’ve developed a system to take care of this. Whenever there is a link in the text of your blog, we insert a number next to it in paranthesis. This is what the following link would look like in the printout of your blog:

… and so Kerry looking like Herman the Munster (23) should not effect, in any way, his chances of losing the election.

When your readers see the number and the different color or underlined “Herman the Munster” in the text of your blog, they’ll know that is a link. All they have to do is go to the following URL and it’ll forward them directly to the underlying link:

“Yourblogname” being the username or handle that we refer to your blog with.

These instructions are printed on the front of your blog’s booklet, so your reader knows exactly how to access all the links in your blog without making them go look for them in your online blog.

More features will be coming out down the road. We’ll be building into the system a way for you to sign up affiliates to promote your blog wherein they get paid a commission on each printout sold… etc.

I’m also working on another project having to do with blogs that I think will really set the blog world on its ear. (Okay… I’ve never professed to be humble! HA!)

If you are a blogger, and want to check out the service in more depth, visit We’ll be needing more beta testers shortly.

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