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I just came across a nifty search tool via

It’s called “Toogle.” Essentially, what it does is use Google’s image search engine and search for the first image that comes up for the search term you input into Toogle and renders it on your screen using very small numbers and punctuation characters. You’ve seen posters like this where it uses really small images to make a big image. Same concept.

Here is what it comes up with when you search for “Jesus.”

Okay… nifty, right? The person who came up with this has created value of some kind, but they aren’t monetizing the traffic in any way. There’s not ONE ad or any “upgrade” link of any kind on their page.

I know the internet snobs out there will say, “but that’s in the true spirit of the internet.” To which I say, “poppycock.” I’m sure when the person who developed Toogle goes to the grocery store, he can’t pay for this groceries by saying to the clerk, “I developed a really cool online tool for rendering images and I offer it for free… so do you think I can just take these groceries home without paying… well, you know… real money?”

Everything costs SOMEBODY something. I’m definitely not one for cluttering a screen with flashing ads, but why not put an ad on the page using the same method he’s using to render the search images? It would be unique and the advertiser would get a TREMENDOUS clickthrough ratio.

All I ask is that people get rewarded for their efforts. Especially when their effort is particularly clever.

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