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A while back, I posted an idea for making money by taking a picture of each house in your town. At the end of that post, I promised to write about a piggy back idea related to it.

First, read that other post again or for the first time. Then come back to this post.

So, you’re already out getting pictures, filling out the form you’ve designed to get pertinent info that marketers would love to know. As long as you’re out, you might as well add another revenue stream to the process.

Leave a flyer on the doorknob of each home. On the flyer, you have a sample photo of a house with Santa standing on the front lawn. In the text of the flyer, offer a service for parents that would allow them to go to your website, enter their address and then type a “you need to be good” type of message to their kids (mentioning their names… etc). You can even have sample messages already made up that they can just edit to input the names of their own kids, things they know they want for Christmas…etc. They edit the letter and fill out a form to pay for the service. What they are purchasing is a letter from Santa sent to their home (in fancy lettering, colorful… etc). But the kicker, and what will really sell the service is your ability to draw from your database of house pictures and insert a picture of their home into the letter WITH SANTA STANDING ON THEIR FRONT LAWN!

Essentially, when you get an order, you open the picture file of their home, drop a picture of Santa onto their front lawn using any image editor and insert it into the text of the letter, and send it out.

The letter should mention that Santa has made a mid-year visit to their home just to check up on the kids to see if they are being naughty or nice.

Once you have a family on the hook for this service, you can market to them each year with an updated pic of their house. You can even market to them multiple times throughout the year, if they need to “motivate” their more naughty kids more than once.

Bottom line, as long as you are out taking pics, you should maximize all the ways you can make money from the taking of those pictures. Build into it as many profit streams as you can think to build.

I would imagine you could make a good living JUST from the Santa letter idea, nevermind all the other ways to market the pictures of all the houses in your town. Of course, you’d have to have a professional website built to handle the Santa letter business end of it. But makes that quite easy and VERY cheap.

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