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I came across this ebay store that sells what they call above ground bunkers. But it looks basically like a UFO came down and the hatch popped open.

I’ll bet you can parlay this into a money making operation. Just go door to door in an upper scale neighborhood and drop off nice flyers advertising them. You could have enough markup that you could probably run ads in the paper as well. This is just unique enough and functional enough to be something you could actually sell and make money from. They sell for $37,500. If you arrange for the entire package for the customer including delivery and installation, you could charge your profit into it without competing with their website.

It’d be a great seller in the tornado areas. I’m thinking with those concrete pillars and the sturdy constuction, these would be great fun fort types of things but can used as a storm shelter when the weather warrants it. Dual uses.

Plus, they’re just cool looking! 🙂

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