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There are three magazines that I absolutely can’t wait for each month (well, one is 5 times a year, but you get the drift.) They are, in no particular order, Business 2.0, Wired and Revenue.

I can’t really say which is my favorite because they are all pretty much incredible. Each of them are MANDATORY reading for entrepreneurs. The one thing that entrepreneurs need is exposure to information. When you are a reader of the right things, you are in a much better position to think about something in a totally different way.

But you not only have to READ magazines, you have to read them with a goal in mind. Each article you come across, let your mind focus on the subject and then think on the fringes of the subject matter. Try to figure out how you can improve upon or completely revolutionize whatever it is that’s being discussed. Apply what it is you’re reading about to things you already know and have stored in the back of your mind. Mix and match, apply it to things you work with on a daily basis… do it in seemingly odd ways. Think in the extreme. Sometimes your thoughts will lead you to something completely unrelated. That’s fine. It’s an exercise of the entrepreneurial mind. But you must always be IN that frame of mind. I’ve talked about this before. You must ALWAYS be thinking of better and different ways and methods and directions to take things. These are where nuggets can be found.

The easiest way to take your mind in these new found directions (and be entertained and informed at the same) is through these types of magazines.

So, subscribe to all three of these magazines TODAY. If you read them in the way I’ve described here, you will be astounded at all the ideas that will pop up in your head. Oh… and you’ll have mundane trivia about the latest advance in nanotechnology or a house that urinates or 100 other nifty topics to bore your spouse with over dinner. You end up being a much more knowledgeabe person AND you just may get rich at the same time.

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