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I woke up this morning to what I expected, major earthquake activity. I went to bed last night convinced that the activity would happen in the next 24 hours and I was right. There were two sizeable quakes in Japan only 5 hours apart. They were even announced on Drudge’s news page, which is pretty much the litmus test for whether a quake is major enough to make it to the news or not.

But, for some reason, because of the intensity of the “thing” that happens to me before earthquakes, I don’t think those two earthquakes are going to be the end of it. I believe we have some more coming up in the next 24 hours or so. But because seismic activity is so dependent on many things, it could be that what I experienced is the set up for something really major in the near future. Who knows… it’s such an inexact science. But don’t be surprised if we get another big jolt somewhere before it quiets down.

Up to this point in my personal blog here at, I’ve tried to keep my two worlds separate. That is, between the book I wrote regarding my military experience and my personal entrepreneur interests. Only because I don’t want people thinking I wrote the book as a “business opportunity.” However, this ability I have to sense impending seismic activity is probably very related to my other ability, of which I write about in the book. So, it’s only fair you should know about them both if I am writing about just one.

I self-published my book in 1997. We’ve sold over 10,000 copies since then and it’s been shipped to over 60 countries. I’ve done over 200 radio, tv, magazine and newspaper interviews and I’ve spoken in front of countless people over the course of the last 7 years at lectures and conferences. My experience is quite well known in the ufo/alien aficionado world.

So, if you didn’t think I was loopy with the earthquake thing, you might change your mind now. Here’s my book’s website. Happy reading. 🙂

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  1. Hi, no your not loopy as you put it , you just like to tell the truth , if a lot more people told of their exsperiences we would proberbly understand the things that happen to us, happen for a reason, they are not fiction they are Fact

  2. Earth Quake Watch for east edge of Pacific Plate is being issued.

    Current drop in activity on the Pacific plate forewarns of a magnitude 6 or greater occurring within a few days.

    This activity will also trigger an event of 4+ on the mid america faults and perhaps the Atlantic Ridge area.

  3. Email me back, We may need to talk about EarthQuakes. My prediction methods and yours should be compaired.

  4. I believe you Dan ! … It makes a great deal of sense.
    Pressure waves and sound waves are heard by animals and humans far in advance of earthquakes … I use animal behaviour for my predictions at ..

    Have a wonderful day … and keep listening … and start a new blog with your predictions ! )


  5. Hi Dan …Just got through reading “Above Black”…great book…about the earthquakes…I lived in So.Cal ’bout ten years ago…I had a large aquarium with many fish…they would start going crazy…bouncing off the glass…the top glass…when ever they did it…the So.Cal would have earthquakes…when ever they would do it I’d tell my kids & friends that we were going have an earthquake….never failed…

    PS..Thanx for the book & the reality that we are not alone !! :’)

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