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With the explosion of online purchasing, this means there are plenty of packages coming to people’s doors with no one home to accept them.

Why not become a local private postal delivery person? What you would do is provide your clients a “shipping” address that they can input when they order something to be shipped to them. That shipping address is YOUR address. Perhaps a private box at Mailbox Etc or even your home address if you know someone will always be home to receive things.

The customer can be instructed to always put “XYZ Company” in the company field (XYZ being YOUR company name) and then in the person field, they would put their name. So, when you get it you can tell exactly which of your customers it’s coming to.

Depending on the comfort level of the customer, you can either have a key to their front door or perhaps a garage door opener control… somehow you arrange to be able to drop off packages at their house safely so they never have to worry about missing a package.

For this, you charge $3.00 each time you have to deliver something to their home. They can automatically use the address whenever they order something and you bill them at the end of the month for however many packages you receive and deliver to them during that month.

If you plan your delivery routes well, I would imagine you can make 40 – 50 deliveries a day. You won’t get rich, but you’ll make a living. (If you do it with your spouse, that’s double the deliveries you can do in one day.)

The challenge of course (as is always in business) is getting customers. I think a door-to-door, door hanger campaign might be in order. Especially since you want your customers located in a tight geographic area, to minimize your travel time when delivering packages.

The ease of use is a great selling feature. All they have to do is sign-up and give you a key (or coordinate whatever way they want you to get them the package) and then all they have to do is have the address on hand when they order something. At some point, most people will have that address inserted into their “address books” at their favorite online stores (like Amazon) and all they do is automatically have it delivered to that address when they want to make sure their package arrives and gets to them without a delivery hassle. I’m sure some things won’t be worth it and they’ll just use the regular method of delivery. But if you get enough people putting a premium on not having to worry about a delay in getting their item, that’s all you need.

There are some legal issues here you might want to consult a blood sucking lawyer over. Like the legalities of receiving someone else’s mail… etc. You’ll also want to get bonded since you will have a key to people’s houses, in some cases.

P.S. I’ve completed the move. I have moved my vast (sarcasm) business empire into my house and now the garage is packed full of santas and such. So, I’m in the middle of trying to operate my business while at the same time getting everything organized. This is the reason for the vast empty stretches of time between blog posts. Just too busy. Certainly not a lack of ideas, however. 🙂

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