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One of my current projects is selling t-shirts with political messages. It’s obviously a good time to sell those types of shirts.

I happen to be fairly handy with some of the latest graphic programs, so I’ve designed them myself. I’ve put an extra touch to them as well. Since I own a collectible business, this is a natural for me. I’ve positioned these to be collectible t-shirts. Only X number will be made before they retire.

I currently am selling two designs. Here and here. I use Cafepress to have the shirts made. However, I take the order myself, using my own cart system instead of having Cafepress take the orders. I like this better since I get the money immediately and since I order at least 15 at a time, I get a substantial discount whereas I wouldn’t get that if people were going to my Cafepress store individually and ordering.

Of course, the down side is, I have to wait to get the shirts from Cafepress and then repackage each shirt and send them individually to each customer. But, that’s not so difficult since my main business deals with doing that anyway.

The shirts are priced a little higher than your typical t-shirt, but they are limited editions AND each is numbered on the back shoulder area. This is a unique thing with shirts and I believe is a good “unique sales position” (for all you business eggheads out there… haha.) Plus, it’s free shipping.

To get the word out about one of the shirts (the “Red Shirt”), I’ve taken an ad out on some conservative blogs. You can see the ads here, here and here. I’m averaging a 1.9% clickthrough rate at IMAO, a 1.3% clickthrough at and a piss poor .32% clickthrough at Protein Wisdom. I know why the lower clickthrough though. Protein Wisdom has so many blogads and I’m second from the bottom of the massive pile… well, duh! The others I have great placement and VIOLA, good clickthrough. Amazing how that works.

Lesson learned.

I’ve also spent $75 on AdWords which was a complete waste of money. Not one sale through them. Kind of disappointing.

I’m also going to be sending direct mail to some Republican donors advertising the “Run with Bush” shirt to see how that goes over. I mentioned this idea a while back. So, I’m going to try it myself.

I’ll report back to tell you how this foray into t-shirt sales goes after I’ve had some time to succeed (or fail?) at it. 🙂

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