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I came across a really cool affiliate program. The site sells access to a database of celebrity addresses. I can’t think of even one celebrity I want to write to (except maybe Cartman from South Park, but he probably gets way too much mail to answer a poor schlub like me) but I’m sure there are people out there that would pay for that access.

There’s gotta be a killer way to market this service off line. It’s kind of like the map to the star’s homes. But I don’t imagine sitting on the side of the road in Omaha, NE, holding a sign that reads, “Celebrity Addresses for Sale” would get much business.

Here’s an assignment to my readers (all 17 of you… haha!) Think of an interesting way to market this (off-line) and post your idea in the comments. Perhaps others will learn from your idea and go join the affiliate program and market it in their local areas.

Or maybe everyone will look at this post, yawn, and go back to surfing the web. 🙂

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  1. wouldn’t you get in trouble for that, what with all the issues with paparazzi and stalkers these days…

  2. Everyone else’s data is for sale…. why shouldn’t the stars’ be?

  3. Here’s one idea from the website itself…

    Sell the database access to hot dog sales people who have a service to sell to the stars…

    Stockbrokers come to mind…

    Here’s the quote…

    “My livelihood is based on contacting celebrities and pro athletes that fly private jets. After purchasing a list from Contact Any Celebrity I sent out
    a marketing mailer. The success of my mailer was based on the accuracy of the addresses. I now have 3-5 celebrities and pro athletes contact me
    weekly. Contact Any Celebrity has catapulted my business to the next level! Contact Any Celebrity is the only list I will use for my niche market”

    Jamison D Starks
    Blue Star Jets

  4. I don’t think it gives you their home address. It gives you access to their “mailing” address. However, I’m not positive as I have to not looked at any addresses in the database.

  5. Non-profits that have celebrity events could benefit. Instead of paying agents, direct pitches to stars may allow agencies to bring them to an event for less — maybe for free if the non-profit and star champion the same cause.

  6. Hi.I’ll be so,so happy if I can meet my favoite actor Valentino Lanus.Can I do that and how?

  7. I would like to tell Marshall(Eminem)Mathers that i am his biggest fan Can i do that

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