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Survey of French citizens resulted in 90% support for Kerry over Bush.

Survey of 4,000 full time and part-time US military personel resulted in 73% for Bush and 18% for Kerry.

The big problem people have with President Bush is his policy on Iraq, yet the people MOST effected by this policies give him the highest level of support.

Conversely, the people (among many others) who are LEAST effected by his policies (because of their consistent non-support for anything America does to try to improve the world) give him the least support.

Ruminate on that one, folks. Who’s camp would you rather be associated with?

Please remember that France is a nation that has hated and fought against everything we stand for since we liberated their country over 50 years.

They wouldn’t allow Reagan to deploy land based nuclear weapons to deter the communist threat during the cold war.

They wouldn’t grant fly over access for the surgical strike Reagan launched on Libya in retaliation for the Pan Am airline bombing.

The list goes on and on. This is a country totally against us in every way and they support Kerry by a margin of 9 to 1.

Then here’s a quote from Edwards, just today, from the Drudge Report:

Dem vp hopeful John Edwards cut to the chase last night on ABCNEWS NIGHTLINE:

ABC’S BOB WOODRUFF: “He has avoided the kind of negative attacks that can make national news, although recently, he has stepped up his rhetoric.”

SEN. JOHN EDWARDS (D-NC) (clip of a speech): “I’d say if you live in the United States of America and you vote for George Bush, you’ve lost your mind.”

WOODRUFF: “There’s been criticism that you have been too soft.”

EDWARDS: “Do I seem soft to you?”

It’s like these people are TRYING to lose this election. It’s just sad, very sad.

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  1. * Do you really think french people hate america?
    * I hate saying this. Bush supporters dont look outside the box.

  2. The French happened to also have been RIGHT about Iraq–they learned the lesson we’re learning now in Algeria and Morrocco and Viet Nam.

    I’ve been to France many times; they don’t hate us and don’t fight against us–they’re what we USED to be between the ’30s and ’60s. WE’VE changed, they haven’t.

  3. Oy. Case in point…

    The French weren’t right about Iraq — they were profiting from it. Of course they wouldn’t want to ruin a good thing.

    Democrats probably aren’t trying to lose the election, but it sure is a lot closer than I’d hope or expect given the conduct of this campaign. I am not yet confident Bush will win this thing.

  4. Notice how the people who disagree with you are too cowardly to do anything but post anonymously?

    The French are a great example of wine besotted former empire that has managed to drag its carcass into the 21st century with the help of the US to bail their butts out three times… WW1, WW2, Viet Nam so they could retreat with dignity.

    But other than that I have no opinion.

  5. “France is a nation that has hated and fought against everything we stand for since we liberated their country over 50 years.”

    Well, let’s see. They fought in Vietnam in the 1950s under US urging.

    And, here is a little information from Central Command.

    Support to the Global War on Terror (Operation Enduring Freedom):

    Historical perspective:
    French commitment to OEF has been strong and resolute since the beginning of the operation.
    The French liaison team to HQ USCENTCOM was established on 10 October 2001 to coordinate all matters/issues related to the French contribution to OEF.
    As soon as United Nations Security Council Resolution 1378 was issued on 18 October 2001, France forces were sent in Afghanistan. Since October 21, French reconnaissance aircraft and air tankers have contributed to the air campaign. They were reinforced between the winter of 2001 and the summer of 2002 by French naval aviation forces and French air force transport planes and fighters. Indeed, France was the first country, along with the United States, to have flown bombing missions over Afghanistan in direct support of American ground troops. French forces arrived on the ground as early as 2 December 2001, securing Mazar-e-Sharif.

    In total, some 5,500 French service members were sent to the region.

    There is more, but here is how that entry ends.

    International Security Assistance Force (ISAF)

    In addition to its OEF commitment, France is one of the main contributors to the NATO International Security Assistance Force. Since French Lt. Gen PY became the new ISAF Commander on 11 August 2004, France increased its troop strength. Today, out of approximately 6300 personnel in ISAF, 1000 belong to the French armed forces. France is thus the United States’ second-largest partner in Afghanistan with a total of 1670 French troops.
    In addition to being responsible for security of the Kabul Airport, the French ISAF battalion also helps to maintain a safe and secure environment by conducting daily patrols in northern Kabul.
    The French battalion also performs Civil Military Operations in its area of operations to help Afghan people to rebuild their local economy and infrastructure (medical help, school building, well drilling etc.).

    Gee, Dan, why didn’t you know this?

  6. Vote for Bush because the French don’t like him…it sounds like all you Republicans out there have really run out of any serious argument (or have you ever had any?)

    Each new day that goes by proves how right the French were about Iraq and that the American People were rudely lied to by some of their leaders (no wonder Powell has gone very quiet recently…at least HE has some sense of ethics). Boy, it really smells like the end of the RepubLIEcans…

    An amused non American (and non French) reader

  7. Sorry to be blunt, but after seeing your troll rated comments on DKos, I feel like I know you, so …

    What the FUCK do you know about France, Dan? I’ve been to France a few times for work and vacation, worked for a U.S. company with French investors, have worked side-by-side with French engineers, and have done business with French suppliers and customers. So perhaps I know a little about the French.

    Saying the French hate America is akin to saying the Oregonians are idiots.


  8. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the nice opening line. That’s real civil of you. (I’d say it’s typical of the left to be so nasty, but then you’d just say it’s typical of us and then we’d go back and forth… etc.)

    When I say, “the French” I certainly don’t mean to say every French citizen. Just as not every left winger is a baby killing, tree hugging, anti-profit, animal worshipping lunatic.

    I’ve been to France many times, have backpacked through the countryside as well as Paris. I have found them to be very anti-American in general.

    But moreover, I believe we should judge them based on their ACTIONS. They have been against American resolve to liberate people and to protect our citizenry, over and over and over. There’s a document that outlines why this is. It was written after WW2 and in it, it describes how France must differentiate itself in world affairs as they exit WW2 and go forward. It essentially says that although they shouldn’t be outright enemies of the west, they should NOT participate in any actions associated with them… etc. It was very anti-Anglo saxon.

    They are anti-American, in general, period. No matter how nice certain individuals are.

    Perhaps you can refrain from calling me names and we can discuss things in a civilized manner.

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