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Since I’m into making predictions on my blog, I’m going to make another one.

President Bush will get 57.4% of the popular vote and shock the entire nation that it wasn’t as close as everyone thought it would be.

Okay… so, there’s a bit of a wishing in that prediction. 🙂 But I do feel he’ll win and it won’t be quite as close as they are predicting.

As if I don’t have enough projects, I’ve developed a site that takes pledges in order to provide funding to Americans who would like to renounce their citizenship. Amazing that there are people out there saying they will leave the country if Bush is re-elected.

Well, I want to help them leave as much as I possibly can. So here’s my effort to do just that. Please spread it around… I’d like to make sure as many people know about it as possible. We need to get them out of the country if they don’t feel we are still the beacon of freedom in this world.

I hear France is lovely this time of year.

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