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I thought that might get your attention. Nah… I’m not going to advocate stealing. However, I do know of at least one person who made millions doing this. (Or at least that’s what he claims. You be the judge… read on.)

I wrote a book back in 1997 which is highly controversial in the "credible" world. I don’t even like to mention it here in my "money making" blog because I don’t want people thinking I wrote it to make money. I didn’t. It’s a true story about something that happened to me. It’s just a coincidence that I’m an entrepreneur as well.

Anyway, someone sent me a manuscript of sorts a few years ago. It was completely anonymous (he sent it to me via a "" account). I guess he figured since my own book was so controversial, he’d send me his story in hopes that I would publish it.

Well, it doesn’t warrant publishing in a traditional sense since it’s only about 30 pages or so. (Maybe not even that.)

I read it and was struck by just how "doable" the scheme he claims to have carried out, was. So, I figured, what the heck. I’ll release it in ebook format. I set up a website to sell it and soon forgot about it. I didn’t do any promotion or anything like that. I even felt so guilty for making any money off of it, I basically set the price ($1.50) to just enough to cover the merchant fees and a little help towards bandwidth costs.

Low and behold, I got an order out of the blue today for it. I put it up so long ago I had to look around in all my files to even find where I had put it online. Gotta love google. The guy who found it said he did a google search for "mp3 ebook" and it came up fourth in the listing. Who would have thunk it.

Anyway, if you don’t mind going to jail, read how this guy made over $2 million selling MP3 files without getting caught and then duplicate it. If you DON’T care to go to jail, but would like to see how this guy claims to have made lots of money, read it. If you think the whole thing is a waste of time, check out google’s new desktop search tool. (Completely unrelated to the mp3 ebook, but something I’ve just discovered and LOVE!)

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