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I was driving from Oregon to California a few years ago. It was about 1 am and pretty much NO ONE was on the road. This guy in an El Camino entered the freeway right alongside me then got in back of me. His ride was so low in the back that his headlights were pointing up and it was VERY bright. So, I slowed down to let him pass.

Well, then HE slowed down. So, instead of slowing further I just sped up to get way out ahead of him so his lights wouldn’t shine in my mirror so brightly.

So, I got her up to about 80 mph before slowing back down. The guy evidently got off at an exit because I didn’t see him anymore. But wouldn’t you know it… police siren… WHOOP!!!

So I pulled over and explained to the *sshole cop about the El Camino and his headlights and I just sped up for a little bit to get away from him and then slowed back down.

He said that I slowed back down because I saw him which was WRONG since I didn’t see him at all. Plus he thought I was lying about the El Camino because he didn’t see one because it evidently got off before he got onto the highway.

Long story, short. I got a ticket and I was one PISSED off motorist. I was purposely NOT speeding on this trip because I didn’t want a ticket. Instead of listening to the situation and letting me go with a warning, he had his quota to make.

So, the whole rest of the way I was fuming over how I could get even and then the business idea dawned on me.

Provide a service to people like me that pretty much got money legally extorted from them in the form of an unjustified ticket. Your service would pay the speeder’s ticket (after the speeder pays you, of course) but then you would pay it by sending a bucket of pennies or something highly annoying like that. If you can’t send cash (some jurisdictions don’t allow cash to be sent through the mail to pay the fine) then your service can send micro payments in the form of checks. So, for example, a $180 ticket could be paid with 720 checks each made out for .25 cents.

You think that might piss off the clerk or SOMEONE there at the courthouse? I think so.

As the entrepreneur starting this business, you just need to find a bank account that doesn’t charge you for each check (unlimited check writing) and then just charge the speeder to pay his bill for him by adding your surcharge… whatever that might be. You could offer to send 500 checks, 1000 checks or 2000 checks and of course, if the speeder is REALLY pissed, he’ll opt for the ULTRAPISSED package of 18,000 checks all for .01 cent each. You can charge a flat fee plus a certain amount per check.

I’m telling you, there are MANY people that get really pissed off when they get a ticket for the stupidest reasons. So, you’d have lots of customers. Of course, you’d also get people who SHOULD have gotten a ticket and they think they’re innocent. You could put a limit to the infractions you’ll accept. Like, you won’t accept anyone speeding in a school zone.. or tickets for more than 50 mph over the speed limit… etc. You set your own moral litmus test.

I for one, would have LOVED to pay that fine in small increments just to force them to spend more in manpower to process the fine than perhaps the revenue brought in justified.

Sweet justice! I think government organizations that rely on speeding for their revenue are evil and should go strait to hell, without passing go.

Just my humble opinion. 🙂

Update: I just came across a nifty way to block your license plate’s picture from being taken by those photo radar ticketing things. Cool stuff. Use this and you won’t have to worry about paying a ticket. Prevention is the best medicine. 🙂

Another Update: Just came across an article about a guy who paid his parking ticket fine with money smeared in feces. I think he would have been much better off using my idea. Now he’s been arrested and faces another fine up to $500.

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  1. lol!
    I like that idea… It’s just pure evil 😉

  2. Haha, great!

  3. I have a new rule. If your post says something that warrants a response from me (not just a comment) and you post it anonymously, it will be deleted. If you came up to me on the street and you wanted to carry on a nice conversation, you would probably introduce yourself first. Or at least I hope you would. So, please introduce yourself if you want to discuss.

    I have a wonderful response to your post, regarding my assisting people to break the law. However, I can’t post it if I don’t know who I am talking to.

    Unlike Mr. DailyKos, I won’t delete posts that say things I disagree with. (He’s deleted several of my posts, even thought I’ve been very cordial. Just because what I said undermines his leftist agenda.) But I will delete them if you aren’t man or woman enough to identify yourself.


  4. Great idea! Reminds me of a story when someone received a speeding ticket along with a photo of their license plate taken by one of those radar cameras.

    Response? He wrote a check in the amount of the ticket, took a photo of it, and mailed the photo back with the ticket.

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