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I’ve already discussed an idea I had regarding the use of free political donation address databases, like this one.

Well, I never got around to sending out any direct mail to these people advertising my original political t-shirts, like this one. (BTW: I made about $2000 on that shirt idea, just advertising on blogs… etc.) I wish I had because it would have definitely been profitable. But I only have so much time in my day and that never made it to the top of my list.

But now I’m seriously contemplating doing it with some other things I’d like to sell that have a political slant to them. I’ve had a script programmed that can extract mailing addresses of donators based on their political party and/or zipcode. It’s quick and easy… instead of having to manually copy and paste each record by hand. Yowza! No way.

So, just for you, my readers. If you think you’d like to send some direct mail to these politically charged individuals and advertise something you sell, I will extract any zipcode you’d like for a flat rate of $10 per zipcode. You can tell me if you want republican or democrat or both, as well. I gotta justify my time in doing this and sending it to you. The results will be in a comma delimited flat file and will give you only their first, last names, address, city, zip and party affiliation.

I can’t guarantee the deliverability or validity of each address, obviously, as this is coming from an open source database. A lot of the more famous people (zip 90210 has a lot of famous people in it) are obviously using their agent’s address or some other non-descript address. But who knows, they may get the mail that comes to that address, in their name, anyway.

Regardless, I’m just providing an easy way for you to get the data. You can get it yourself as well. It’ll just take you forever. 🙂

So, if you want me to do this for you, send $10 per zipcode via PayPal to orders @ Be sure to let me know the zipcode(s) you are wanting me to query and if you want me to remove either party from the results, as well.

Oh, and if you’re smart, and you know of someone else who would like this info… you’ll tell them you can get it for $20 per zipcode and resell them the info. 🙂 Remember, ALWAYS think of ways you can make money from what you know. And information CAN be the most valuable commodity on planet earth.

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