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I love watching Trading Spouses. Where the mom’s of two families (or two dad’s) get traded for a week. It’s a great concept and is usually very entertaining.

My wife works for AFS which is the oldest and biggest high school foreign exchange outfit in the US (in the world, I think.) Their whole mission is to foster understanding between nations by starting with the young.

I say we do this, but on a political party level and with adults. Why not get a family from a blue state (a liberal family) and a conservative family from a red state and have them change homes and families for 1 week. Meaning, the entire family (mom, dad and however many kids) up and move to the other family’s home and they are transplanted fully into the other family’s life and lifestyle.

The producers can make sure the families are engaged fully in the other family’s life. They engage with extended family members in family functions, they go to the church the other family goes to, they shop at the stores the other family shops at, they drive their car, live in their house, talk to their neighbors… etc. Live EXACTLY as the other family lives on a day to day basis. (Except for work I guess.)

This would go a long way towards understanding each other’s lives and how we come to set our values.

The show could be called "The Other Color" or a myriad of different takes on the blue/red theme.

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