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Sorry about all the political posts recently. I’m extremely opinionated and since this is my blog, you get all of me… not just the benign, business related stuff.

So now I’m back to helping you make some money. 🙂

There’s a nifty site that sells really cool retro bowling shirts. I’m not really into bowling myself, but I love some of these shirts. They’re especially good for those of us that are missing our "six pack" abs of our younger days. Untucked shirts are our saving grace and these are SUPPOSED to be untucked. What luck, huh?

Anyway… here’s a plan to sell these things. Sign up with their affiliate program. They pay 10% of all the sales you bring their way. Register a domain that would be easily memorable and then just redirect all traffic to your site to the affiliate link for the bowling shirt website. Then get a few shirts (through your affiliate link so you can at least get your commissions started) and wear one, maybe have a friend do this with you and have him/her wear another one. Both of you (more the merrier) get some large signs made up that will attract the attention of bowlers and hold them up alongside the road. The sign will obviously funnel them to your website which in turn funnels them to your affiliate account at the bowling shirts site.

Here’s the kicker. Pick a spot on the side of the road RIGHT OUTSIDE THE PARKING LOT of the biggest bowling alley in town. Make sure you’re there before and after each and every major bowling league event or when they have large amounts of people. If you’re feeling brave, print out some sticky’s and post them on the driver’s side window of all the cars in the parking lot. That way they are very visible when they go to reach for the door handle of the car.

Talk about target marketing! Go to each bowling alley within driving distance from where you live, during their big events. Call all of them to get their time schedules for big league events…etc. If they are all at different times and dates, you can just hop around making sure you’re at each one of them for the opening and closing of the event.

You can take those same stickys and walk into the alley during the event and just walk around handing out the sticky and show them the shirt you have on.

This isn’t going to get you rich, but if you’re out of work and you got nothing better to do than watch The Apprentice at night, you might as well be doing SOMETHING. 🙂

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