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I follow all sorts of blogs. From Instapundit to DailyKos and everything in between. I like to get information from all sides so when I form a viewpoint, it can be influenced from all angles.

I can safely say that DailyKos is the single most hateful person on the internet, left or right. At least of those that have a daily blog that one can read and follow.

I actually posted comments on his blog a few times, politely pointing readers to this and that across the internet that might give his readers some perspective. I was never rude and I was actually quite cordial. Well, he couldn’t handle any type of information counter to his leftist leanings, so he banned me from posting. Wow. That was quite an eye opening experience. For all the talk of being a tolerat bunch of people, I couldn’t find a group of readers so intolerant as his.

Okay… so there’s some background for you.

I actually agreed with one of his posts, today. Although, I’d never use the "f" word in public, I do agree with his overall assessment of the initiative system. Why in the world are we asked to make decisions that our elected officials should be making? Indeed.

But I think it’s interesting to note that he is arguing against his own political side’s modus operandi. He doesn’t like the initiative system and claims that we have a "representative" type of government and so why can’t THEY make those decisions instead of asking us to make all the decisions?

This same line of thinking can be extended to international decisions… oh, like, for instance, liberating countries…etc. It’s always amazed me that some idiot (excuse me… uninformed beatnik) can go through 2 years of college and because they can paint a sign, they automatically become qualified to say whether we should be sending our military to a foreign nation.

Think about that. Pretty incredible.

Yes, indeed, Kos. We do have a representative form of government and when our leaders (WHOEVER THEY ARE!!!!!) decide to go into a foreign country with our military, we have to trust they are doing the right thing. If you don’t like it, vote another way next time around but to take up signs and protest your government’s actions is to weaken the resolve of the decisions our representative government has made and by doing so, you aid the enemy. Case in point… when we sent military to Bosnia, there were plenty of people against that move, but there wasn’t NEAR the public outrage. Why? Because the people who typically get their panties all bunched up over such things were on the same political side as the President at that time. I was in the military at the time and we were NONE to happy with our President over many issues. But we supported WHATEVER he chose to do, without reservation. As much as I disagreed with the man on a host of issues, when it came to presenting a solidarity to the world, I was behind him 100%.

So, let’s vote for those that match our underlying principles (if you have any) then LET THEM REPRESENT US AS A NATION AND LEAVE THEM ALONE UNTIL THE NEXT ELECTION, REGARDLESS OF WHO IT IS!

I have put a sign in my car window that says:

Pray for Bush, Kerry & America. But vote for Bush!

I guess that explains where I’m at, politically. It means I don’t hate the other guy (or his people), but I love America and I love those that are willing to sacrifice for the betterment and survival of it. Kerry could very well fit that description, but he’s demonstrated that he isn’t like that in the past and I can’t trust him to change in the future. So Bush is my man.

President Bush will be re-elected because at America’s core is a desire to vote because they love their candidate and not because they hate the other one.

It shouldn’t come down to who you hate the most, it should come down to who you love the most. If you don’t love either, don’t vote.

Voting from hate is destructive and counter-productive.

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