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In keeping with my business concepts and ideas related to the holidays, here’s one. It’s a business opportunity AND a plan to build a beautiful home for next to nothing.

As everyone in America knows, light shows are VERY popular during Christmas. Some people just go overboard but that’s great because it gives us lazy bums something to look at and aspire to. 🙂

Why not turn this into a way to pay for your own custom built house?

Here’s how it would work. Buy a few acres outside a fairly major metropolis and plan on building a home. Only this home would be custom built to have lights that automatically drape or somehow cover itself with lighting ALL OVER the house. I mean on every square inch of the house, there would be a light. In the day, they wouldn’t be visible. But the system would be engineered to put all the lights in place during the night somehow. (A good engineer can work this out somehow.. like have them unroll in sheets of light rows from the eaves…etc.)

So, your entire house would be just covered from head to toe with lights. Of course, you’d want your entire grounds to be custom designed with a huge light show as well. I mean a REALLY BIG show. One that would attract people from hundreds of miles away.

But, and this is important, make sure your light show is interchangeable with the seasons. So, for Easter, you’d have a huge Easter themed light show. During 4th of July, your lighting show would be red, white and blue, Independence Day themed. Then the next one would be Halloween and then of course, Christmas.

In your plans, you’d have a nice gate (lit of course) with a gate house at the front of your driveway. This gate house would be where you would collect the entry fee that you’d charge people to drive your property to see the light show. You’d have designed the entire thing to be seen from a long meandering driveway that exits out another street somewhere.

Your Easter show would open maybe 3 weeks before Easter and close the day after Easter. Your 4th of July show would open on June 15th maybe (or earlier) and close the weekend after the 4th (or whatever). Then the Halloween one could open on October 1st and close on November 1st. Christmas could open the day after Thanksgiving and close on Jan 2nd, or thereabouts.

So, your shows are open to the public a total of about 12 to 14 weeks, give or take. In that timeframe, if you’ve set up your lighting system from the ground up to be very automated and easy to operate, you could essentially bring in enough revenue throughout the year to pay the mortgage on a very nice custom built property. Essentially, you work maybe 20 weeks out of the year and vacation the other part and at the same time, your house is being paid for by your adoring public.

If you do the numbers, you could feasibly bring in a few hundred grand a year or more. Halloween and Christmas alone is HUGE business. You could be looking at $10,000-$20,000 a day in revenue during these two holiday seasons. Of course, you’d have to work out the actual numbers and you’d also have to make sure you could afford this endeavor even without the added revenue, just to be safe. But if you could extract revenue on your property like that, year in and year out, that’s at the very least, a great way to pay off your mortgage in just a few years.

Of course, you could piggy back on my previous idea about selling sponsorships… only you’d be selling them for your own lighting display. 🙂

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