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My favorite American hating, liberal blogger, Kos over at DailyKos is trying to draw parallels to the map of the US during the civil war period and today’s sea of red. This is such nonsense.

I’d like to point out some facts that Democrats HATE for people to know about. If you really want to do some correlation, let’s get closer to today’s reality and not compare what people thought 140 years ago to today. In 1964, the Civil Rights Act was voted on in Congress. Here’s a quote from The National Center for Public Policy Research (but you can read it for yourself in the Congressional record):

In the House of Representatives, 61% of Democrats (152 for, 96 against) voted for the Civil Rights Act as opposed to 80% of Republicans (138 for, 38 against). In the Senate, 69% of Democrats (46 for, 21 against) voted for the Act while 82% of Republicans did (27 for, 6 against).

Even more telling is that ALL (100%) of the southern Democrats voted against the Act, which was the majority of southern state representation back then.

Now, those figures, in my opinion, are an indictment of both parties and the people that represented our nation back then. For ANYONE to have voted against giving minority races equality in this country is shameful. But Democrats should SHUT THE HELL up when it comes to this race-bating crap. It just raises my blood pressure to no end. Today’s Republican administration has more minorities represented in upper manangement than did Carter and Clinton PUT TOGETHER, yet we’re the racists, trying to keep the “black man down.”

What a sad and demoralized party, the Democrats. Just sad. Talk about completely ineffectual and marginalized.

Really, it’s just sad.

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  1. Current arguments about the Republicans being more racist than the Democrats generally refer to TODAY’s Republican constituency, and not the constituency which existed in the 1960s. This type of debate isn’t about the Republican LABEL, as it exists from in one era or another, but about the real underlying PATTERNS one can observe in the time we find ourselves in.

    According to generally accepted political analysis, a great political realignment which took place beginning in the late 1950s and ending in the late 1960s which altered the nature of both parties and increased the extent to which the Republican constituency is composed of racist or racist-leaning conservative social groupings.

    There is a certainly a great deal of combined direct and circumstantial evidence to suggest that – of the two parties – today’s Republican Party retains a statistically significant greater number of racist elements within its ranks.

    So I would suggest you do a little more in-depth reading about these types of issues in the future (see link below, or do a little more research on the Net), before you take a fact out of context and start opining about it. No disrespect intended, but there is really far too much of that going on today, as it is.

  2. I am a man of clour, who is a college educated, inelligent business man who speaks five languages. I was the first in my family to go to college, I worked two jobs while in college as a full time student. I never got more than 3 hours of sleep for five years despite this I maintained a G.P.A. of 3.6.

    The majority of people with whom I do business are conservative whites who are racist republicans!
    Most conservative white republicans want to pretend that racism does not exist, it does, it is alive and well in their party.
    When I speak of overt or covert racism I speak from experience, Can You Say That Sir?

    The men of my family have fought in every single united states campaign since the civil war-Thats a Fact-. Can you say that of the men in your family?
    The Black men of my family had been fighting for the fruits of a free democratic society. Fruit I might ad they never were able to taste in their lifetime. For you to say that most Republicans are not racist or that racism is non existent is to insult my intelligence as a man of colour. Moreover, worst still you have insulted the sacrafice of black veterans in the united states.

    Most rebulicans are closet racist, and or subscribe to racist idealogies including you sir!

    Hope and pray sir that our paths never cross you racist ass BASTARD!

  3. hispanic fought too in the WII.

  4. I consider myself a Republitarian and have come to the sad conclusion that indeed most Republicans are racist. I feel this time around I will have to vote Libertarian a true conservative party. I believe alot of the decline of the Republican party came about from its alliance with the bible thumping religious right kooks. Yea thats real smart ally yourselves with a bunch of guys that base their lives on a superstious middle eastern myth.

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