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I love this newest idea of mine. I was driving at night recently and saw this BEAUTIFUL Christmas light display at someone’s house. The house happened to be on the corner of a very busy intersection, so it’s going to be seen by lots of people. Being the person I am, I started brainstorming about how I could use the synergy of the obvious attention the light show was getting with the large amount of traffic in the position to look at it.

Sell Christmas lighting sponsorships. You become the broker, so to speak.

Here’s how it works. Cruise around your town looking for really nice Christmas light displays. They have to be visible from fairly large traffic areas. Coincidently, most really nice Christmas light displays happen to be near high traffic areas. In many cases, that’s WHY the owner is putting on such a big display. Because they know a lot of people will see it.

Find good locations with good light displays then knock on their door and ask the owner if you can put a sign (with the same Christmas light look to it) with a name of a website somewhere on the lawn. In exchange for allowing you to do this, you will give him $250 (or whatever the market will bear… how busy the street, how nice the lighting show… etc).

Get several owners to agree to this and then put on your sales hat and approach websites or even local businesses that would like to be attached to a Christmas light display and sell them the sign space for $750 (again, whatever the market will bear.)

You pocket the difference. Although, as part of the $500 paycheck, you will have to configure the sign. But it wouldn;t be difficult. Just take a 4’x4′ sheet of plywood (4′ x 8’… whatever), draw out the lettering for the website or business name in fat lettering, cut little holes the size of Christmas lights within the outline of the lettering, then insert Christmas light bulbs into the holes from the backside. When lit up, it’ll spell out whatever it is you are trying to advertise. Paint the rest of the plywood black so it won’t detract from anything, then stand it up in the yard. You can have a wood shop do the plywood work for you for not much more than probably $100. Even if it cost you $250 in materials and labor to get the sign made and put up on the lawn, you still pocket $250 yourself for each light show sold.

These numbers can be different for your area. But you get the drift. The owner gets some extra pocket change for their Christmas, the business gets a very high profile ad space that will be viewd by LOTS of people and you get an ongoing business.

Once you find people willing to allow you to sell space on their lawn, you just do it year after year. You eventually grow your business to the point that you are selling space for maybe hundreds of light shows in your state or region. Once you get that much ad space at your disposal, you might be able to sell them all to a big account like Pepsi or whatever. Start off with one or two displays this year. Next year find a few more… eventually, it could become a SERIOUSLY big revenue generator. Also, after you’ve made a sign for a business, that sign is REALLY easy to put up the following year because it’s already made. So, you can pass the savings on to the business by giving them a slight discount the following year. This gives you a good closing tool to close the business again and it still probably gives you a bump in profitability on top of that.

You could even get into the business of approaching nice places that would make a good light show location (high traffic) and offer to decorate their entire spread for free in exchange for the ability to put up your sign. This would allow you to operate without having to look for good existing light shows. All you’d do then is just look for good locations, with owners willing to say, "Yeah, sure, go ahead."

Once you have the light show materials for that location, it can be stored and then put up year after year. The owner gets a good light show on their property for free, you get great ad space and the advertiser is happy with their exposure.

There are even companies that provide you a business opportunity for installing Christmas light shows. You could combine that business in creative ways with what I’m talking about.

So start lighting your way to riches this year. 🙂

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