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It’s over and my man has won. Not by the margin I predicted, but as you can imagine, I’m happy anyway.

I told myself that if Kerry won, I would suck it up and get behind him 100%, despite my DEEP conviction that he was the wrong person to lead our nation at this time. But this is an important time to be united as one nation. Because when America is united on anything it does, the world becomes a better place when all is said and done. This has been evidenced over and over and over, throughout history. It’s also been evidenced the other way. Vietnam was a time when America was divided and look what happened. We lost a ton of American soldiers and never achieved the objectives of the war. It was because our resolve was broken by the extreme left wing of this country. And although the world went on, I’m positive that if we had prevailed in Vietnam, many other dominos would have been impacted from that and the world just might look a bit different today.

At least 51% of America learned from that period of time in our history where America’s resolve was broken. They KNOW the stakes are too high this time and we can’t flinch. We can’t back down. We must slog through the marshes in order to make it to dry land on the other side. It’s a tough journey but I’m positive we can make it if we’re united.

Alas, I’m not sure the left is ready to concede and help America to become united. I’m positive we on the right would have fallen in behind Kerry had it been the other way around, but that’s our character. It isn’t the left’s by and large. I’m sure many are already making signs that say something divisive and angry. Case in point… check out the comments over at dailykos to get a peek at the type of people we’re talking about. I know that isn’t representative of all liberals, but you’d be hard pressed to find that kind of hatred on the right, if Kerry would have won. Even Kos himself comments on his blog that he’s going to have to forget he just read his own comments section because it was just so filled with hatred. I commend him for at least recognizing it.

But here’s an even more telling event… as reported by

As President George Bush edged closer to the 270 electoral votes necessary to secure re-election, supporters of Democratic nominee John Kerry openly wept and consoled each other at the Election Night celebration in Boston’s Copley Square. A distraught woman confronted a Democratic congressman in a hotel, screaming, “Can you tell me why everybody made a mistake?”

This is the fundamental problem with today’s Democrat and it’s the exact reason they have lost any semblance of power in this country. It’s this sense of “we’re absolutely 100% correct,” despite the fact that a majority of people think otherwise. Ironically, they’re called the “Democratic” party, which would seem to denote they like things to be done in a democratic way. Yet, when the numbers that define today’s democracy don’t add up in their favor, it’s a travesty and everyone else must be crazy, deluded, automotons or brainwashed.

A CNN commentator said it best last night. This election was about morality. One candidate showed a firm sense of it, the other didn’t. In this world where evil people are trying to destroy us, our sense of right and wrong becomes much more crystalized. When an important operative in your camp is PROUD that Osama bin Laden is taking talking points from his “documentary”, you simply must come to the realization that your party has gone over the edge, into the abyss, and the majority of Americans can see this.

But you’re still an American, and we want you to be a part of the system. And that system, right now at least, is Republican. Figure out a way you can add to the mix and just be glad you aren’t an oppressed middle eastern woman. Putting things in perspective right now, is the best possible thing a liberal can do.

I’ve mentioned in recent days that I think President Bush will be re-elected because America is a nation that votes based on optimism, not hatred. Just look at the poll numbers on how much voters loved their candidate compared to how much their vote was being dictated by how much they HATE the other guy. Bush received votes based on good feelings towards him and Kerry, by and large, received votes out of hatred for the other guy. What kind of world do we live in where a candidate can be elected based on feelings of hate for another person? Liberals talk about karma all the time. What kind of “Karma” does that put into the world?

No, once again, America’s will has been done and it is based on a universal desire to do good in this world. We know, despite the short term pain many will feel here and abroad, freedom is way too important and liberty absolutely must reign for our world to be safe from long term terror. Bush knows that, Kerry at least didn’t show us that he knew it.

As I’ve also said before, if the Democrats had nominated someone strong on defense (with a record to show for it, not just talked about it) and who hadn’t participated in anti-war activities back in the Vietnam era, we’d be looking at a completely different picture today. So, in essense, it was the fault of the Democratic party for this loss. They need to be in tune with what America wants instead of arrogantly foisting upon us what they feel we should have. That’s the wrong approach to today’s politically more educated America.

Here’s another campaign tip. Hollywood = Political Loss. We love to see pretty people in the movies but when they start thinking their level of knowledge on foreign policy is more advanced than Henry Kissinger’s… we’ll, that’s a problem.

So, to give credit where credit is due, we simply must thank the following organizations and/or people for campaigning on our behalf:

1) for your over-the-top ads that portrayed a good, decent human being, as Hitler and other such hateful images. You just might have been the single best campaign tool for the Republicans because Americans are a little smarter than you think they are.

2) Michael Moore. Wow. We owe this man a TON of thanks. You were the magnet in this election. You completely alienated the majority of Americans against your cause. Just goes to show you that Americans can see through obfiscation and innuendo and images that are designed to mislead for the sole purpose of hammering your own political agenda down our throats. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

3) Every Hollywood liberal that made all their silly comments, without regard for truth or accuracy in the slightest bit. Cameron Diaz, you were an absolute jewell when you said, “If you believe women should be raped, don’t vote” on the Oprah show. Thanks a million.

There are so many that can thanked, from George Soros for galvanizing our side against his dope smoking legalization agenda to France for showing us that our enemies can be in plain sight and giving George Bush and America a chance to see where you really stand.

The Democrats had 40 years of uninterrupted time to shine and affect the world in a positive way. Now it’s our turn. 16 years down, 24 to go.

Watch out Iran, North Korea, Syria and the rest of the oppressive world. You have NO IDEA just how limited your days are if you continue down your path of sponsoring terrorism or supporting it in any way, shape or form. There’s a new sheriff in town and he’s not going to pussy foot with you like his predecessors.

Thank, God!

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  1. I’m psyched 🙂 Tax reform, social security reform, and a strong foreign policy… all of this is great for business and our country.

    Marketing 101 – the Democrats failed miserably with their advertising and PR. Can you imagine if a corporation had run a marketing campaign like this? They’d be in penny stock territory.

    Kari aka Greedy Girl

  2. Interesting comparison. You’re right. But in order to have good marketing, you have to have a message and something to sell. It would be like Ford running commercials saying, “We’re not Chevy, so buy us.” You need to have your own product and your own message and SELL THAT, not denigrate someone else’s product.

    The core problem is, the President is the person doing all the right things for this time in our history. It’s VERY difficult to run against someone already doing a wonderful job. (Yes, there are mistakes, but that’s true of anyone that considers themselves human.)

  3. Dan:

    I saw a great marketing idea here in Brooklyn, NY. A company went around putting quarters in expired meters, and left a paper on the cars’ winshields stating, “You have been saved from getting a ticket by Katz in the Cradle. For all your juvenile furniture needs, go to Katz in the Cradle…” It’s great, inexpensive promotion.


  4. That is a great idea. I’ve seen it before and heard that it’s illegal to do in most cities. Can you believe that? It’s illegal to feed the meter for others. Presumably because parking ticket revenue takes a hit. Unbelieveable.

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