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As WiMax evolves and the chips get smaller and more efficient, someone’s going to build a flying apparatus that will be WiMax enabled with a really small video camera mounted on it. Something like this only on a much smaller scale.

What good is that? Imagine this…

Having a very small flying device, equipped with a small survellience type of camera and a WiMax chip. The WiMax ability will allow it to transmit a live video feed, wirelessly to the base unit that could be 20 or 30 miles away. Using the camera, you could effectively control the little device like you were actually sitting in it while flying.

With this little flying "eyes in the sky" you could rent your services to spy on suspected cheating spouses… etc. You’re hired by a suspecting spouse. You get details from that spouse as to when the cheating spouse usually leaves. You fly your little spy device to their house and you land on a roof adjacent to the target house and you sit there and wait for the target car to leave the driveway. You then follow the car with your spying device, hovering 100 feet or whatever over the car, following it to wherever they go. Meanwhile, the video feed can be fed through your website live to the spouse that hired you. She (he) could watch in real time where their spouse goes. If the spouse stops, you land somewhere where you can maintain visual on the car or perhaps even be able to see through open windows… etc.

This same thing can be hired out by parents who are suspicious of where their teens are going.

There are going to be sooooo many uses that we’ve not even thought of yet, for the WiMax technology. It has so much potential. The bandwidth, coupled with the non line of sight range, just opens it up to so many uses.

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