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More on my CrispAds testing. It seems to me that this is a good way to swap traffic with other bloggers without spending hardly any cash.

Let me explain. One of my ads currently running (as an advertiser) is for this blog ( This means other bloggers are showing my ad through their CrispAd insertion. When their visitor clicks on my ad, I get charged.

When one of MY visitors clicks on an CrispAd that I’m displaying here on my blog, I make money.

To date I’ve earned $1.88 in CrispAd revenue but I’ve only SPENT $1.50 to bring traffic to my site through my CrispAd advertisement. Of course, I’ve had CrispAds running on my site for a few days more than I’ve been advertising through CrispAds, so that could a bit skewed, but I’ll report how it goes over time.

If this continues, I’m essentially swapping money with other bloggers through CrispAds and exposing my site to more people in the process. What I’m really doing is growing my readership without spending any (or very little) money. Assuming that visitor comes back over and over. 🙂

That’s a great plan. Traffic for almost nothing. I can dig it.

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